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Lizzy Musi Back in The Drivers Seat and Testing for No Prep Kings Season 6

Lizzy Musi, the renowned drag racer, is back on track and gearing up for the upcoming No Prep Kings Season 6 with her father Pat Musi and their team. The event is scheduled to take place at the National Trail Raceway on June 2 - June 3 and is expected to attract a large crowd of racing enthusiasts. After a tumultuous previous season, the Musi Racing team is looking forward to getting back on the track and competing at the highest level.

Lizzy Musi, who has been involved in drag racing since her teenage years, has made a name for herself as a fierce competitor on the track. She has won multiple races and set various records, including becoming the first woman to win a Professional Drag Racing Association (PDRA) Pro Nitrous event in 2015. She has also competed in the Street Outlaws television series and has gained a substantial following on social media.

Photo by Pat Musi Racing Engines

For the upcoming season, Lizzy Musi will be driving her Bonnie Camaro with a Pat Musi 959 cubic inch nitrous motor. Pat Musi, who is a renowned engine builder and tuner, has been involved in drag racing for over five decades and has won multiple championships and awards. He is known for his expertise in building high-performance engines and has been instrumental in Lizzy's success on the track.

Video by Pat Musi Racing Engines

The Musi Racing team has been preparing for the No Prep Kings event for months, fine-tuning the setup of their vehicles and testing their performance on various tracks. Lizzy Musi has been actively involved in the testing process, working closely with her father and the team to ensure that her car is running at its peak performance.

Video by Pat Musi Racing Engines

The No Prep Kings Season 6 event promises to be an exciting and action-packed affair, with some of the best drag racers from across the country competing for the title. With Lizzy Musi and the Musi Racing team in the mix, the competition is sure to be fierce, and fans can expect some thrilling races on the unprepared track.

Photo by Pat Musi Racing Engines

Despite the drama of last season, the Musi Racing team is determined to put the incident behind them and focus on the task at hand. They have the experience, expertise, and determination to succeed, and they will be giving it their all at the No Prep Kings Season 6 event.

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