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Kye Kelley Throws Down with Jim Howe at NPK Norwalk

For the second week in a row, we don’t see Ryan Martin and the gray Fireball Camaro went home with the overall victory. Despite bad performance at Bandimere Speedway last No Prep Weekend, this week they are back in the Great 8 Final against Jerry Bird and grab $15,000, plus 20 points to the leading points.

However, Ryan Martin managed to get himself out of Invitational Finals because of the red light at the starting line. This is the second time after Bandimere, Ryan has lost a race due to the same problem, jumping on the red light while racing the guy in the lane next to him.

Kye Kelley passed thru the final overtaking Kallee Mills and her sick Camaro – Golden Kong. Jim Howe came out swinging this season with the Guardian as he got the win over Justin Swanstrom and his bad to the bone Lexus.

Photo by Howe Motorsports

The final itself suggests that Kye might be able to reduce the points advantage that Ryan has at the moment and if he is able to get in front of Jim, well things might be much more interesting in the next few events that follow.

Photo by No Prep FAM

Follow along with the video down below from No Prep FAM as it takes us to the scene of the action, showing Kelley in his natural habitat as he goes up against Jim Howe who is also hungry for the win. Let’s watch the finals between Kye Kelley and Jim Howe as a Nitrous battles a Screw Blower for the $40 000 dollars and some very important points

Video by No Prep FAM

With the win, Jim Howe received the $40,000 purse. He got 20 points and now moved up to 13th spot, despite missing five races in this Championship season. That’s so impressive result for Howe Motorsports. Ryan is still leading the points with 560 points, basically 11 rounds over Kye Kelley that follows with 450 points.

Photo by No Prep FAM

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