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Kye Kelley STORMS OFF After Being Caught Red-Lighting

Discussions regarding various ideas can continue for hours on end in the street and grudge racing community. Regardless of the correctness of an argument or situation, these types of races tend to keep the argument alive by bending the situation in one person’s favor. This is because everyone is trying to gain a competitive advantage through a little bit of hustling. If one does not take part in this game, they may end up on the receiving end of somebody else’s hustle. The balance between competition and hustling is what draws people to entertainment offered up on platforms like Street Outlaws.

Street racing involves many variables, and there is always room for argument. However, on a race track, timing systems make it harder to argue. Leaving the starting line on time seems like something that does not leave room for argument since the sensors do not lie. But, do they?

Photo by Street Outlaws

Down in the video below, we witness a dispute that arose when Kye Kelley raced against the Fireball Camaro and drew a red light, indicating that the car left early. However, an argument can be made because the Shocker Chevrolet Camaro appeared to be stationary until after the light turned green. In racing, where even inches matter, it is possible that the Camaro was staged too close to the beams beyond what a human eye could perceive, or maybe the timing system had an error because even machines are not perfect.

Photo by Rush Discovery NZ

Regardless of whom one supports, this is a situation that can be argued in either direction. Personally, it is not a situation that I would like to be in the middle of and held responsible for determining the outcome.

Photo by Rush Discovery NZ

While some fans have disputed the decision, arguing that the timing system may have been incorrect or that the penalty was too harsh, others have accepted the decision and pointed out that the rules of the sport are clear regarding jump starts.

Video by Rush Discovery NZ

In the end, the incident involving Kye Kelley and Ryan Martin is a stark reminder that racing is a sport that demands respect and adherence to its rules. While the disqualification may be disappointing for fans of Kelley, it should be viewed as a necessary step to uphold the integrity of the sport and ensure a level playing field for all participants.

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