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Kye Kelley's Shocker Facings Constant Troubles in Street Outlaws Australia Tour

Street Outlaws racers are accustomed to life on the road, but competing overseas presents new challenges that push them out of their comfort zones. While they're used to being constantly on the move in America, the switch from a spacious trailer to a shipping container can be difficult. Additionally, shipping containers can cause cars to behave differently, potentially leading to damage to the expensive racing machines.

Kye Kelley, a prominent Street Outlaws competitor, knows this all too well. He is not the first competitor to experience this problem. In the past, Robin Roberts had his car extensively damaged when the truck pulling the container with Robert’s car rolled over on the highway.

Photo by Robin Roberts Racing

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing

During his recent outing in Australia, Kelley had to analyze the damage done to his car after transit from one track to the next. Fortunately, the damage was not substantial enough to deter him from racing against a local legend known as "Ntorious." After all, if he wants to claim to be one of the fastest racers in the world, he can't skip racing some of Australia’s top talent.

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing

Although Kelley's car was damaged, he approached the action in Brisbane with his usual fervor. He laid down some test passes before getting into the main race at Willowbank.

Kelley's fans were disappointed to see the Shocker suffer damage during transit, but they were excited to see him compete against Australia's top talent. While life on the road is something that competitors like Kelley are used to, racing abroad presents unique challenges that require adjustments. Nonetheless, when presented with challenges like this, the professionals are truly separated from the rest of the pack. Kelley's determination to keep racing despite the setback is a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport.

Video by Kye Kelley Racing

In conclusion, while the damage to the Shocker was a setback for Kelley during the Street Outlaws Australia Tour, he proved to be a resilient and determined competitor. Fans will no doubt continue to follow his career and look forward to seeing him on the track again soon.

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