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Kye Kelley’s OG "Shocker" Lives Again!

Those who have been following along with Street Outlaws fan favorite, Kye Kelley, have likely noticed that Kelley has been operating with a bit of a busy schedule as of late. As Street Outlaws promotions have spread their wings out to a variety of different shows and formats, that now means that racers like Kelley have to maintain an entire fleet of cars.

Photo by The Real Kye Kelley Instagram

Not long ago, the racer also lost his main OG “Shocker,” as it totaled in a freak accident on the streets, so we haven’t seen Kye Kelley run on the street on a third generation Camaro since then. He ran the Showstopper Camaro on America’s List season 2 and did very good, even though the car has a big 959 cubic inch motor.

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing

In a short period of time, Kelley finally got the new Street Shocker from Wizard Race Cars that is better than ever. OG Shocker lives on through this car that has some of the OG's parts and on a small tire for now. We all know that this is a continuous process of upgrades that needs to keep happening in order to get the car to keep going faster and faster and keep performing at the top of its abilities. This process is tiresome and takes a lot of energy and funds because as you probably know, all the best parts that these guys are using are very expensive.

Photos by Kye Kelley Racing

This time, we check back in with Kelley’s constant grind toward the top. In this particular outing, we follow behind the scenes at Kye Kelley Racing as Shocker takes some more steps toward becoming the dominant monster that its namesake once was.

Video by The Real Kye Kelley Instagram

In the video below from Kye Kelley Racing, we will get to ride along with this test session as Kelley picked the car from Wizard Race Cars to see the unveiling of this new car!

Video by Kye Kelley Racing

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