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Kye Kelley Exploding HEMI for the First Time and Busting in Las Vegas No Prep Kings!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Let's delve into the recent incident involving Kye Kelley at No Prep Kings Las Vegas. Kye Kelley has been a standout performer on the NPK circuit, boasting what many consider one of the most dependable screw blower setups and undoubtedly the fastest. He continues to reign supreme in NPK, leading both the individual championship and the overall point standings for the Invitational race, with his team also occupying the top spot. Clearly, Kye Kelley has asserted his dominance.

Kye Kelley's Dramatic Incident at No Prep Kings Las Vegas in the race against Damon Merchant

Kye Kelley vs Damon Merchant. Photo by Upshift

Nevertheless, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the toll this level of racing exacts on equipment, especially in a demanding series like NPK, which features a grueling schedule of 15 races in roughly four to five months. In a recent showdown with Damon Merchant during the third round of the main Invitational class, Kye Kelley, while closing in on Damon, encountered a significant setback. A backfire caused the blower to detach from the motor, resulting in a serious incident.

Las Vegas Invitational Round 3: Kye Kelley vs Damon Merchant. Video by Upshift

These high-performance vehicles are equipped with burst panels to mitigate such situations, but when a backfire is sufficiently forceful, it can dislodge the blower, causing substantial damage. Similar issues have plagued other racers, like Justin Swanstrom, who encountered multiple blower detachments despite running a fuel injection setup. Kye Kelley, with his mechanical setup, has generally been reliable and has had minimal engine-related problems.

Kye Kelley's Dramatic Incident at No Prep Kings Las Vegas

Kye Kelley's dramatic incident in JangALang. Photo by Kye Kelley Racing

Despite the unfortunate incident, Kye Kelley's proven track record suggests that he possesses one of the most dependable screw blower setups in the NPK circuit. With a proficient tuning team led by Jeff Pierce and Adam, he has demonstrated prowess with nitrous motors as well. Presently, he stands as the swiftest contender in NPK.

Kye Kelley's Dramatic Incident at No Prep Kings Las Vegas
Kye Kelley's Dramatic Incident at No Prep Kings Las Vegas

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing

It's highly likely that Kye Kelley will make the necessary repairs, potentially having a spare motor ready for Dragway 42 this upcoming weekend. His G-Body vehicle is renowned for its speed and has secured a substantial lead in the individual championship, boasting a 20-point advantage over the second-place contender, Giuseppe Gentile. In the main Invitational point standings, he maintains a similar 20-point lead over Damon. Furthermore, his team currently leads the overall points tally

The racing community eagerly awaits Kye Kelley's YouTube update, where he is expected to provide an in-depth explanation of the recent motor and blower setup mishap at the Las Vegas event. Nevertheless, there is little doubt that Kye Kelley will swiftly address these issues, ensuring that he remains a dominant force as he seeks to secure the individual championship title. With just six more Grudge races remaining, the championship race remains wide open, but Kye Kelley appears poised to continue his impressive run towards victory.

Video by Kye Kelley Racing

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