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Kye Kelley: "Justin Swanstrom Is Slow Actually But He's Got A Big Mouth"

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

It is exciting to witness the development of new rivalries while watching Street Outlaws. Each racer is striving to increase the speed of their customized cars. Though one driver might initially win against their adversary, it is common for the defeated competitor to seek revenge by upgrading their vehicle with a new combination and challenging them again.

In this episode of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, we observe a friendly rivalry between two prominent drivers, Kye Kelley and Justin Swanstrom. Both are highly regarded in the No Prep Kings competition and will compete against each other on the show. During this matchup, Swanstrom informs fans of his love for gambling, prompting the cameras to follow him to set up the race. The stakes are raised with a $500 bet for a grudge race, testing which racer can outrun the other.

Photo by Discovery Australia

Before the race begins, Swanstrom is presented with a classic conundrum many drag racers face. He seeks to maximize his car's speed to beat his top-tier competitor but fears adding too much power, which could reduce traction and result in losing the race.

Photo by Discovery Australia

The following race remains thrilling and close up to the finish line. One racer will leave with a win and another with a loss. However, both Swanstrom and Kelley display impressive racing skills, and it appears that each driver has figured out ways to challenge each other on the track.

Video by Discovery Australia

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