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Kayla Morton Wins NPK Season 6 The Draft in Ohio

"Daddy Dave" Comstock, a prominent figure in Street Outlaws No Prep Kings, won the role of People Choice's Captain and made a notable first-round selection in the NPK Draft by picking Kayla Morton.

Renowned Street Outlaws racer Kayla Morton kicked off Season 6 of No Prep Kings with a spectacular display of skill and determination, securing a resounding victory in the opening race. The event captivated fans worldwide with its electrifying atmosphere, setting the tone for what promises to be an exhilarating series of races in the upcoming season.

Photo by Daddy Dave

Morton, a familiar face in the winner's circle, demonstrated her exceptional driving abilities by conquering a formidable lineup of competitors that included renowned racers Scott Taylor and Kelly. Her unwavering focus and unyielding spirit left her rivals in awe, solidifying her position as a top contender in the championship.

The opening race showcased the dominance of the Procharger machines, with their impressive performance asserting their presence on the track. However, it is too early to declare their complete reign for the entire season, as initial races often present unique circumstances where cars face mechanical challenges while optimizing their performance. Therefore, it is wise to reserve judgment until subsequent races unfold.

Photo by No Prep Racing

What made Morton's victory even more remarkable was that she achieved it without the highly acclaimed mh7 Pro-Line motor, which many believed would be crucial for success this season. Instead, she utilized the mh6 motor, highlighting the importance of a skilled team, including her father as her trusted crew chief. Morton's triumph exemplifies the synergy of talent and collaborative effort behind every successful race.

It is important to note that this specific race did not contribute to the accumulation of championship points. Nonetheless, it served as an exciting introduction to the season, featuring a prize purse of $25,000. The intense competition and electrifying atmosphere ignited the enthusiasm of both the racers and the crowd.

Photo by Upshift

Scott Taylor, who faced challenges in the previous season, delivered a remarkable performance, skillfully maneuvering through a challenging lineup of opponents. His resurgence did not go unnoticed, establishing him as a formidable force in this season's races. Taylor's wise lane choice in the finals demonstrated his astute decision-making, propelling him past his opponents with a breathtaking pass. Equipped with the mh6 Pro-Line motor, Taylor demands attention and should not be underestimated.

In the semifinal, Scott Taylor emerged victorious against three-time No Prep Kings champion Ryan Martin. Meanwhile, Kayla Morton secured her spot in the final round with a bye in the semifinals. This marked Morton's first NPK win since her triumph over Kye Kelley in Alabama last October.

With the stage set by this thrilling showdown, fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the upcoming races, as Kayla Morton's triumph and Scott Taylor's emergence as a strong competitor heighten the excitement. The dedication, skill, and perseverance displayed by these racers embody the spirit of competition and the relentless pursuit of victory.

Photo by Upshift

As the season progresses, the plot thickens, and the stakes become higher. The world of Street Outlaws continues to captivate viewers, immersing them in a high-octane realm where talent and passion collide. With engines roaring and rubber burning, we brace ourselves for the next thrilling chapter in the saga of Street Outlaws Season 6.

Video by Upshift

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