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Kayla Morton's Hot Mess Express: Major Upgrades Unveiled for No Prep Kings

Street Outlaws fans have eagerly awaited the latest developments in the world of no prep racing, and the recent buzz surrounds Kayla Morton's Hot Mess Express Mustang. In a recent video titled "Street Outlaws - Kayla Morton Hot Mess Express Major Upgrades for No Prep Kings Season 7," we delve into the exciting upgrades and modifications that Kayla Morton is making to her powerhouse vehicle for the upcoming season.

Photo by RadicalSpeed

Season 6 Triumphs and Challenges: The video kicks off by reminiscing about Kayla Morton's stellar performance in Season 6 of No Prep Kings. Morton, a fierce competitor, secured victories, including the first qualifier race and a prize of $25,000. Despite her triumphs, controversies surrounding her combination and vehicle weight added a layer of complexity to her season. Nevertheless, Morton's skill and competitiveness propelled her to multiple finals, establishing her as a force to be reckoned with in the no prep racing scene.

Photo by Kayla Morton Racing "Hot Mess Express"

The Hot Mess Express Transformation: The narrative then takes an exciting turn as the video presents an updated photo posted by Morton on her Facebook page. The Hot Mess Express Mustang is revealed, torn apart and undergoing significant modifications. Speculations arise regarding potential upgrades to the chassis, addressing wear and tear from the intense NPK races. The narrator suggests the addition of bars and weight reduction measures, highlighting the challenges of sustaining high-powered vehicles throughout the demanding season.

Photo by Kayla Morton Racing "Hot Mess Express"

Power Adder Speculations: Amidst the anticipation, the video dispels rumors of a power adder swap. Kayla Morton, a long-time advocate of ProCharger, is expected to maintain her allegiance to this power adder. The narrator recounts Morton's history with ProCharger, dating back to the early 2010s, showcasing her commitment to this specific technology. While questions arise about potential weight adjustments, the video emphasizes Morton's consistent use of ProCharger and dismisses speculations of a switch.

Competitive Landscape and Future Prospects: The video acknowledges the intense competition within the women's category on No Prep Kings, featuring formidable racers like Kayla Morton, Lizzy Musi, Calli Mills, and Paige Coflin. The narrator expresses hope for increased female participation in NPK, citing the competitiveness of existing women racers as front-runners in the series.

Photo by RadicalSpeed

In anticipation of No Prep Kings Season 7, fans are eagerly awaiting the reimagined Hot Mess Express and Kayla Morton's continued dominance on the track. With skilled tuner Chase Trisco at the helm, the Hot Mess Express is poised for even greater speed and performance. Street Outlaws enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing Kayla Morton's revamped ride in action as she aims to outpace the competition in the upcoming season. Stay tuned to for more exclusive updates and insights into the thrilling world of no prep racing.

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