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Justin Swanstrom Unveils New Pro Mod Camaro and Door Car Records Fall at US Street Nationals

Greetings street racing enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the exhilarating world of Street Outlaws, focusing on the recent unveiling of Justin Swanstrom's latest Pro Mod Camaro and the jaw-dropping door car records set at the US Street Nationals. Buckle up, as we bring you the latest buzz from the streets to the tracks!

Photo by Justin Swanstrom 

Justin Swanstrom's New Pro Mod Camaro:

A few days ago, Justin Swanstrom took the street racing community by storm as he unveiled his brand new Pro Mod Camaro. Originally planning to embrace a new body style, Swanstrom made a last-minute decision to go back to the roots, opting for the classic Pro Mod version of his renowned Bad Blood Camaro.

Fans can expect a symphony of power and speed as Swanstrom gears up for the upcoming racing season. The Pro Mod Camaro, reminiscent of the Bad Blood model, promises an exciting spectacle with the same iconic color scheme. The anticipation is palpable, and street racing enthusiasts can't wait to witness the roar of the engine and the speed this new Pro Mod beast will unleash on the tracks.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom 

Door Car Records Shattered at US Street Nationals:

As the street racing world continues to push the limits, the recent US Street Nationals witnessed some mind-blowing performances that left enthusiasts in awe. Todd Moer, behind the wheel of his high-powered door car, etched his name in the record books by claiming both the eighth-mile and quarter-mile door car records.

Moer's door car, pushing the limits with a turbocharged setup, obliterated the eighth-mile record with an impressive 3.54, even letting off early at the quarter-mile mark. The sheer power and speed demonstrated by Moer set a new standard in the door car racing scene.

But the excitement didn't stop there. Jason Scruggs, with his brand-new machine, entered the arena and quickly made his mark. With less than five passes under its belt, Scruggs' car clocked in at 3.46 with a screw blower, reaching a remarkable 218 mph at 1,800 feet of DA. This newcomer on the scene is poised to challenge Moer's record, with the potential to push the limits even further.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom 

Looking Ahead:

As the door car world witnesses a surge in performance and competition, the anticipation for upcoming races is electrifying. With Justin Swanstrom's Pro Mod Camaro set to hit the tracks in the off-season and the door car records continuously being shattered, the street racing community is in for a thrilling ride.

The upcoming races, including the US Street Nationals and the National No Prep Racing Association (NPK) series, promise intense battles and new records waiting to be set. With Stevie Fast returning to the scene with the Shadow 3.0 and the ongoing debate between screw blowers and turbochargers, the street racing landscape is more dynamic and exciting than ever.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates, race analyses, and behind-the-scenes insights into the adrenaline-fueled world of Street Outlaws. Get ready to witness the clash of titans, the roar of engines, and the pursuit of speed on the streets and tracks that define the spirit of street racing.

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