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Justin Swanstrom's Bad Blood Camaro: Unleashing a New Beast on the Street Outlaws Scene

Street Outlaws fans, gear up for an exciting update on Justin Swanstrom's latest project – the Bad Blood Camaro. The highly anticipated build has been completed, and the sleek and stunning machine is gearing up for testing in just a few weeks. Get ready to witness the power of this new contender in the Street Outlaws universe.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

The Bad Blood Camaro underwent its finishing touches at Modern Racing, and the exclusive photos from Glass Life Atlanta showcase a truly breathtaking vehicle. The distinct color adds a unique flair, setting it apart from the fleet of 6869 Camaros on the No Prep Kings (NPK) scene. What's even more thrilling is the powerhouse under the hood – a screw-blown Hemi, a favorite among enthusiasts.

Testing and Preparation: According to the latest updates, the Bad Blood Camaro is slated for testing in approximately two weeks. A brand-new rear end is being installed to ensure optimal performance. With the National No Prep Racing (NPK) series just over a month away, the urgency to fine-tune this beast is palpable. The testing phase is crucial, especially considering the tight schedule leading up to the first race at Maple Grove on April 19th.

Comparisons with Prenup: Fans are eager to see how the Bad Blood Camaro stacks up against its predecessor, Prenup. While Prenup is reportedly in top-notch condition and ready for action, the anticipation surrounding the new build is undeniable. The Bad Blood Camaro is expected to be lighter, potentially offering a performance edge. Thanks to the rules keeping things competitive, the Bad Blood Camaro carries a 25 lbs weight advantage, making it a formidable contender.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom 

Weight Breakdown: Due to its pre-1979 build classification, the Bad Blood Camaro is eligible for a weight reduction, ultimately allowing it to weigh in at 2750 lbs. This, combined with the powerful screw-blown Hemi, puts the Bad Blood Camaro in a prime position to make a significant impact on the NPK series.

Team Dynamics and Experience: The Bad Blood Camaro is in the capable hands of Justin Swanstrom and the experienced team, including Big Country. The team's recent experience running Pro Mod with Blood Bunny is expected to provide valuable insights and lessons that can be applied to optimize the Bad Blood Camaro's performance.

Photo by Justin Swanstrom 

As the Bad Blood Camaro enters the final stages of preparation and testing, the Street Outlaws community is buzzing with excitement. Will this new contender outshine Prenup and make its mark on the NPK series? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to for the latest updates and exclusive insights into the thrilling world of Street Outlaws.

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