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JJ Da Boss Runs Through Massive Ball of Fire to Assist Driver After Crash

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

When playing with nitrous, drivers better make sure that they have all of your ducks in a row. After all we want our rides to reap the benefits of all of that power in the safest way possible. We’ve seen some people do nitrous in such a way that causes some pretty catastrophic damage. Sometimes, it’s simply unavoidable.

In this particular scenario, things were a little bit questionable from the start which might’ve given some a bit of a nagging feeling.

As the cars pulled up to the line to get going, the person behind the camera here who goes by Sketchy’s Garage on YouTube points out that one car had its nitrous purge stuck open. With the nitrous continuing to flow out of the hood of the Camaro, one might think that if something was going to go wrong it would be with this car. That simply wasn’t the case, though.

Instead, the car in the right lane ends up losing control and smashing into the wall. A massive ball of fire develops as the car undergoes a giant explosion that certainly had everybody in attendance watching in awe.

Photo by Sketchy’s Garage

Flagman and Street Outlaws: New Orleans star, JJ Da Boss, wasted absolutely no time chasing down the accident. While we wouldn’t necessarily pass judgment on somebody who didn’t run into the ball of fire, JJ Da Boss’s actions are most certainly heroic in this instance as he pulled off an act that not many would try as he put someone else’s safety before his own.

Footage shows as the flag man is the first one to run down the track, seemingly straight through the blaze, to the door of the car that was now on fire. After opening up the door, the driver was able to eventually make their way out of the vehicle. The cameraman did report that the driver ended up being OK following the wild incident.

Check out the scary scenario down in the video below for yourself as the explosion becomes real and sends a ball of fire into the air along with probably causing some damage to this racing machine along the way. A bang like that can really catch you off guard and get the heart rate going!

Video by Sketchy’s Garage

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