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JJ Da Boss Buys Next Superstar of Street Outlaws A New Car. Who Is She?

Throughout the years, Street Outlaws has featured a multitude of exceptionally skilled racers who have exhibited their abilities. The show challenges the top performers in drag racing competitions for substantial rewards, while also highlighting the diligence, perseverance, and innovation required in creating and upkeeping the high-performance vehicles used by the stars.

Recently, a particular racer who has captivated the hearts of many fans is Shelby Lynn, who has been impressing the audience with her exceptional skills on the track. In light of this, one may wonder, who exactly is this talented driver on Street Outlaws? Keep reading to learn more!

With impressive racing abilities, Shelby Lynn is a highly skilled racer on "Street Outlaws". So, who exactly is Shelby Lynn?

Shelby Lynne appears in virtually every episode of Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel. She races head-to-head with the show’s best drivers and holds her own. As a result, many people tune in to see her compete. Shelby Lynn, known by her nickname Da Baby, has been a dedicated participant in races such as Big Chief’s Memorial Day Classic, the OKC No Prep Kings, and the Texas Outlaw Challenge with the Street Outlaws team, determined to showcase her skills on the track. According to her Facebook profile, she has been proudly associated with the Memphis Street Outlaws crew, led by JJ Da Boss, since October 5th, 2022.

Photo by Shelby Lynn

This season has seen JJ bring on a few young talents, with Shelby being of particular interest to fans. Since joining JJ's crew, Shelby has been a prominent figure on the show, driving her self-built 1969 Camaro named “Cuda” to victory on several occasions. Among her many accomplishments, Shelby has secured JJ's Armdrop Challenge title twice and defeated Tricia Wayne in races at JJ's Armdrop Gulfport Dragway.

Video by Outlaw Media

Some fans have mistaken Shelby for JJ's daughter, but the two are not related in any way. JJ has a 13-year-old daughter named Vada who has shown a strong passion for street racing and has been seen driving JJ's new car, Tator. However, as she is still too young to participate in major events like Shelby and her father, Vada's racing opportunities are currently limited.

JJ Da Boss buys Shelby Lynn a car as she follows his lead

Photo by Shelby Lynn

Recently, JJ Da Boss surprised Shelby Lynn with a brand new car. JJ's surprise not only marked a significant milestone for Shelby's racing career, but it also highlighted the close bond they share as friends and fellow racers. With her new MSO car, Shelby is set to compete in upcoming races with even more power and speed than ever before, and the street racing world is buzzing with excitement to see her in action.

Video by TheReal Streetoutlaws

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