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Jimmy Taylor Unveils Twin Turbo Cadillac for NPK Season 7

Street Outlaws fans, get ready for another thrilling season of No Prep Kings, as Jimmy Taylor makes waves with the announcement of his latest addition to the racing scene – a powerful twin-turbo Cadillac set to hit the tracks in Season 7. In this article, we'll delve into the details of Taylor's recent moves, his Grudge race against Stevie Jackson, and the exciting prospect of having two formidable cars with different power adders.

Photo by Jimmy Taylor

Jimmy Taylor's Recent Grudge Race: The buzz surrounding Jimmy Taylor has intensified following his recent Grudge race against the renowned Stevie Jackson. While Taylor may have faced a defeat in this high-stakes showdown, his audacity to challenge one of the best Radio Versus World Racers speaks volumes about his competitive spirit. Notably, Taylor had previously triumphed against Stevie in the Lights Out event, showcasing his prowess in the world of drag racing.

Powerful Camaro Upgrades: Building on the momentum, Jimmy Taylor has not rested on his laurels. Last season, he made a significant transition from a procharger to a screw blower on his Camaro, equipped with an xre Hemi. The decision to adopt the screw blower aligns with the updated rules for NPK Season 7, offering Taylor a potential advantage with the increased overdrive to 98%. This strategic move positions him as a formidable contender, ready to take on the competition.

Photo by Jimmy Taylor

The Twin Turbo Cadillac: However, Taylor's ambitions don't stop there. In a surprising revelation on the Street Outlaw No Prep Talk show, he disclosed plans to introduce a brand-new 2020 Cadillac with a twin-turbo combo for NPK Season 7. The combination of 88mm turbos promises an exciting dynamic to the racing series, especially given the success of similar setups in the eighth and quarter-mile records.

Egate Technology and Twin Turbo Advancements: Acknowledging the influence of egate technology, Taylor aims to leverage the benefits of twin-turbo setups. The improved control and power delivery can be particularly advantageous, especially if the track conditions are optimal. The ability to choose between two cars with distinct power adders allows Taylor to strategically navigate different tracks – a tactic reminiscent of other seasoned racers like Ryan Martin and Scott Taylor.

Versatility in Racing: Jimmy Taylor's decision to have both a screw car and a twin-turbo car echoes the trend seen with other prominent racers like Ryan Martin and Scott Taylor. This strategic approach allows him to tailor his choice of car to specific track conditions, ensuring maximum performance and adaptability in the highly competitive NPK Season 7.

Photo by Jimmy Taylor

As anticipation builds for No Prep Kings Season 7, Jimmy Taylor's dual-threat strategy with the powerful Camaro and the newly revealed twin-turbo Cadillac adds an exciting layer to the racing landscape. Fans can expect fierce competition, strategic decision-making, and adrenaline-pumping races as Taylor aims to carve his name among the elite in the Street Outlaws world. Stay tuned to for more updates on Jimmy Taylor's racing journey and all things Street Outlaws.

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