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Jerry Bird's Small Tire Probe: A New Chapter in Street Outlaws Racing

Hello Street Outlaws fans! Today, we bring you an exciting update on Jerry Bird's Small Tire Probe, a legendary vehicle with a rich history in the No Prep Kings (NPK) series. As the small tire racing scene gains momentum, Bird and his team are gearing up for a thrilling new chapter with their revamped small tire setup. Let's delve into the details of this update and explore the potential impact on the competitive world of street racing.

Photo by Discovery

The Evolution of the Small Tire Probe:

Jerry Bird's Small Tire Probe made its debut in 2017 and quickly became a formidable contender in the NPK series. Over the years, the car underwent several transformations, from running a 787 cubic inch motor to experimenting with a 959 cubic inch setup. Despite a crash in its early days, the Probe persevered, achieving success in multiple NPK events and earning a well-deserved reputation as a high-performance machine.

Transition to Small Tires:

In a recent development, Jerry Bird and his team have decided to transition the Small Tire Probe to, you guessed it, small tires. A photo posted by Bird showcased the Probe on its small tire setup, hinting at an upcoming venture into the exciting world of small tire no-prep racing. The team is currently in the process of building headers for the small tire configuration, signaling their commitment to dominating this growing racing scene.

Photo by Jerry Bird 

The Powerhouse Nitrous Motor:

Speculations suggest that the Small Tire Probe will be equipped with the proven 787 cubic inch nitrous motor that powered the car to victory in the past. This choice reflects a strategic decision to harness the same potent combination that contributed to the Probe's success on the big tire circuit. With small tire racing gaining popularity, Bird aims to showcase the car's speed and power in this new environment.

Small Tire Racing Dominance:

The small tire racing scene is experiencing a surge in popularity, not only within the NPK series but also in various no-prep events across the country. Prominent figures like Kai Kelly have already embraced small tire racing, paving the way for a shift in focus from big tire to small tire competitions. It's anticipated that more Street Outlaws, including Jerry Bird, will explore and dominate the small tire no-prep events during the offseason.

Photo by Jerry Bird 

The Future of Street Racing:

As the landscape of street racing evolves, it appears that small tire racing is taking center stage. While NPK continues to feature big tire classes, the enthusiasm around small tire events is undeniable. Street Outlaws, during their offseason, are increasingly participating in small tire no-prep races, signaling a potential paradigm shift from big tire to small tire street racing.

Jerry Bird's Small Tire Probe is set to embark on an exhilarating journey in the world of small tire racing. With a proven track record and a powerful nitrous motor, the Small Tire Probe is poised to make waves on the streets and at no-prep events. Keep an eye on for more updates on Jerry Bird's racing endeavors and the latest developments in the Street Outlaws universe!

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