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Jeff Lutz's Mustang Rebuilt and Ready to Race After No Prep Kings Crash

Hello everyone, welcome to Street Outlaws Talks! Today, we’re diving into the latest update on Jeff Lutz’s Mustang, which has been rebuilt and is ready to tear up the track again after the recent No Prep Kings (NPK) crash.


As many of you know, Jeff Lutz introduced his Mustang to the NPK races just a short while ago. Unfortunately, he suffered a pretty serious crash at the Flying H Dragstrip. Thankfully, the damage wasn't as extensive as it could have been. Incredibly, just three days after the crash, the team was already hard at work repairing the car, and it’s now set to make its comeback this weekend.

Recently, we saw Jeff running his GTO at the Ohio race. But now, the Mustang is back and ready for battle. From the photos, it’s clear that the car has a new front end. The team must have also addressed any chassis damage to ensure it's race-ready. The ProCharger setup looks immaculate, and while the car might not be painted or wrapped yet, that's a minor detail. The priority is getting it back on the track.


Jeff’s GTO has always been a powerhouse, having clinched victories in two NPK events. However, when it comes to choosing between turbos and ProCharger, the ProCharger setup seems to be the better option for NPK and varying track conditions. Jeff has been a turbo guy for over two decades, so seeing him switch to a ProCharger is quite a change. But, given the consistent performance of ProCharger cars, especially under favorable air conditions, this move makes a lot of sense.

It's exciting to think about Jeff racing the Mustang. He’s always been known for his turbo setups, but the consistency with those setups hasn’t always been there. The ProCharger, however, promises more reliable performance, which is crucial in these competitive events.

There’s also some curiosity about whether Jeff owns the Mustang outright. He hinted at plans to paint it yellow, which suggests he might have bought it. However, the specifics of ownership are personal and don't really affect what we’re all here to see – great racing.


This Mustang is not new to the NPK scene. Axman ran it in season 6, and Steven Brindle had it back in season 5. It’s a proven winner and a competitive beast on the track, equipped with a Prine Hemi and an MH7 ProCharger. This combination is undoubtedly powerful and ready to make waves in any NPK event.

We’re all eager to see what Jeff Lutz can do with this revamped Mustang. It’s fast, fierce, and in the hands of a seasoned racer like Jeff, it’s bound to be a serious contender. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to see this Mustang in action!

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