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Jeff Lutz's Mad Max Roars at the World Series of Pro Mod Race

Street Outlaws fans, buckle up! In this edition of, we're diving into the thrilling world of high-speed action as Jeff Lutz brings his iconic Mad Max promod Camaro to the prestigious World Series of Pro Mod Race at Brandenton Motorsports Park. Get ready for the inside scoop on the event, the competition, and what makes this race a must-watch for every street racing enthusiast.

Photo by Drag Illustrated

Jeff Lutz's Mad Max at the World Series of Pro Mod Race: The excitement is palpable as Jeff Lutz revs up his Mad Max promod Camaro for the World Series of Pro Mod Race. The anticipation is even higher as Lutz gears up to make exhibition passes against none other than the formidable Lizzy Musi on Rivals night. While Lutz won't be competing in the main event, the prospect of seeing Mad Max in action is enough to get any street racing fan's heart racing.

Upgrades and Dyno Tuning: Lutz, known for his dedication to pushing the limits of his vehicles, is not one to rest on his laurels. While the GTO undergoes significant upgrades with a new front end and doors, Mad Max is already track-ready. The Camaro recently hit the dyno, ensuring it's finely tuned for the exhibition passes against Lizzy Musi. With a personal best of 5.60 seconds in the quarter-mile and a blistering top speed of 208 mph in the eighth mile, Mad Max promises an adrenaline-packed show.

Photo by Drag Illustrated

Lizzy Musi and the Battle Ahead: As fans eagerly await the exhibition passes, the spotlight is on Lizzy Musi and her lightning-fast ride. With a car that's known for its lightness and incredible speed, Musi poses a formidable challenge. Although not part of the main event, the exhibition promises an intense showdown between Mad Max and Lizzy Musi, and fans are placing their bets on who will come out on top.

The Dynamics of the Pro Mod Race: The World Series of Pro Mod Race brings together a diverse lineup of high-powered machines, with massive twin-turbo Hemis dominating the field. Lutz's decision to bring Mad Max into this mix showcases his passion for pushing boundaries. While the competitive landscape may favor Hemis, the sheer spectacle of Mad Max tearing down the track is bound to leave an indelible mark on the event.

A Special Note on Lizzy Musi: As we root for our favorite racers, sends a special shoutout to Lizzy Musi, who is facing health challenges with unwavering determination. Despite the difficulties, her presence at the World Series of Pro Mod Race is a testament to her resilience and love for the sport. Fans across the globe are cheering for Lizzy, hoping to see her triumphant return to the track.

Photo by Drag Illustrated

The World Series of Pro Mod Race promises to be an unforgettable event for Street Outlaws enthusiasts. Whether you're a die-hard fan of Jeff Lutz and Mad Max or cheering for Lizzy Musi, the exhibition passes are sure to deliver high-octane excitement. Stay tuned to for more updates on this race and other thrilling Street Outlaws events. May the fastest machine prevail, and may the roar of engines echo in the hearts of street racing fans everywhere!

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