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Jeff Lutz's GTO Upgrade for No Prep Kings Season 7: Aiming for Consistency

Greetings, Street Outlaws fans! Today, we dive into the exciting world of no prep racing and take a closer look at Jeff Lutz's GTO as it gears up for No Prep Kings Season 7. The legendary racer has made significant upgrades to his powerhouse machine, aiming to tackle the challenges of the upcoming season with speed and consistency.


The History: Jeff Lutz's GTO first made waves back in Season 4 and 5, securing victories and establishing itself as a formidable force on the no prep racing scene. However, Season 6 posed some challenges as adjustments were made to comply with the rules, affecting the car's consistency. Despite the struggles, the GTO showcased its potential, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the improvements for the upcoming season.

Weight Reduction and Modifications: For Season 7, Jeff Lutz has taken a bold step by making his GTO even lighter. With a new front end and doors, the car could potentially weigh below 2500 lbs, providing an opportunity to redistribute weight strategically. By adhering to the rules and maintaining the engine combination built by Westside, Lutz aims to achieve better weight percentages and enhance the car's overall performance.

Consistency Matters: The key challenge for Jeff Lutz and his GTO has been consistency. While the car has achieved impressive speeds, including over 208 mph in the eighth mile, maintaining that level of performance throughout a race has been the primary focus. Season 6 saw struggles with inconsistency, prompting Lutz to make necessary adjustments to overcome the hurdles in Season 7.


Turbo Power: Staying true to his roots, Jeff Lutz has confirmed his commitment to turbo power, specifically with Precision Turbo. Despite the availability of other popular combinations like ProCharger and screw blowers, Lutz remains steadfast in his choice of turbos. The GTO's unique feature lies in its quiet yet powerful demeanor, standing out from the loud and obnoxious engines of other competitors.

The Future Prospects: As the season unfolds, all eyes will be on Jeff Lutz and his GTO. If the upgrades and modifications prove successful in enhancing consistency, the car is poised to become a significant threat in No Prep Kings Season 7. Lutz's determination to stick with turbos adds a distinct flavor to the competition, and fans can't wait to witness the GTO's speed and finesse on the track.


Jeff Lutz's GTO remains a fascinating contender in the world of no prep racing, and Season 7 promises to be an exciting chapter in its storied history. With weight reductions, strategic modifications, and a commitment to turbo power, the GTO is gearing up to reclaim its glory on the No Prep Kings stage. As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming races, only time will tell if Jeff Lutz and his GTO can conquer the challenges and emerge victorious in Season 7. Stay tuned to for all the latest updates and thrilling moments from the world of Street Outlaws!

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