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Jeff Lutz's Cutting-Edge Engine Combo at Bandimere No Prep Kings!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

In the thrilling world of street racing, where power and ingenuity intersect, there's a name that has consistently shone brightly - Jeff Lutz. With the Street Outlaws gearing up for the monumental Bandimere No Prep Kings event, excitement is soaring as anticipation builds around Jeff Lutz's latest unveiling: a state-of-the-art GTO configuration that could potentially redefine his performance on the racetrack. In this exclusive sneak peek, we explore the intricacies of Lutz's fresh setup and the obstacles he's determined to overcome.

Jeff Lutz's GTO

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

One of the most daunting obstacles faced at Bandimere is its harsh altitude and density altitude conditions. With a density altitude reaching heights of up to 9,500 feet, racers confront a distinctive set of difficulties that truly test both their vehicles and their skills. In contrast to tracks at sea level, where engines thrive in denser air, Bandimere's elevation demands specialized configurations capable of taming the thin air and delivering peak performance.

One of the most daunting obstacles faced at Bandimere is its harsh altitude and density altitude conditions

Jeff Lutz, a seasoned competitor well-acquainted with the challenges of Bandimere, has consistently encountered issues owing to his engine combination and turbocharger setup. The elevated altitude poses a unique challenge when it comes to spooling up turbochargers, often resulting in slower acceleration and responsiveness. Nevertheless, Lutz has devised a strategy to overcome these obstacles. Teaming up with engine builder Westside Machine, he has introduced a custom high-compression engine specifically tailored for the Bandimere No Prep Kings event.

Jeff Lutz at Westside Machine Racing Engines

Jeff Lutz's Cutting-Edge Engine combo with Westside Machine Racing Engines. Photo by Radical Speed

This strategic move has the potential to be a game-changer for Lutz. Being one of the lightest twin-turbo cars in the lineup, he could gain a significant advantage if he can master the delicate art of turbocharger spooling. In contrast to supercharged and ProCharger-equipped vehicles that struggle in the thin air, Lutz's innovative setup might enable him to preserve more power and achieve more efficient acceleration. With this heightened performance potential, Lutz emerges as a formidable contender for the winner's circle.

The competition promises to be intense, with nitrous-powered cars like those driven by Lizzy, David Gates, and Jerry Bird also striving for supremacy. Traditionally, nitrous-fueled vehicles have an advantage in the high-altitude conditions, giving them an edge over their supercharger and ProCharger counterparts. While the track poses a challenge for some, it could be a prime opportunity for others to showcase their abilities.

Lizzy Musi's Bonnie 2.0

Lizzy Musi's Bonnie 2.0 with nitrous-fueled vehicles. Photo by Lizzy Musi

With the Street Outlaws community anxiously anticipating the showdown at Bandimere Speedway, all attention is focused on Jeff Lutz and his groundbreaking GTO configuration. Will his calculated risk prove successful? Can he master the art of turbocharger spooling at high altitude and secure victory? As the final Street Outlaws event at Bandimere draws near, promising a blend of excitement, unpredictability, and a touch of historical significance, fans and racers alike are preparing for a thrilling spectacle that has the potential to reshape the course of racing.

Jeff Lutz's GTO

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

In the world of street racing, innovation is the ultimate path to dominance, and Jeff Lutz appears ready to open a new chapter in his racing legacy. The Bandimere No Prep Kings event is set to deliver fierce competition, awe-inspiring moments, and a celebration of the unyielding spirit of street racing. With engines roaring and tires gripping the pavement, the world watches in anticipation to see who will emerge triumphant in this high-stakes collision of horsepower and creativity.

A little recap on the weekend in Firebird Raceway, Idaho. Video by Lutz Race Cars

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