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Jeff Lutz Contemplates a Shift from Turbos to ProCharger: Unleashing the GTO's Potential in No Prep

Street Outlaws fans are buzzing with anticipation as the off-season brings forth speculations about changes in the racing scene. One name that has surfaced in recent discussions is Jeff Lutz, a formidable force in the No Prep Kings (NPK) series. The big question on everyone's mind is whether Jeff Lutz will make a bold move away from twin turbos, potentially unlocking the full potential of his GTO on the unforgiving tracks of No Prep Kings.

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The Twin Turbo Dilemma: In a recent Street Outlaws SN Prep Talk, the focus shifted to the impressive quarter-mile record set by Mickey and Jose Gonzalez in their twin-turbo Camaro Pro Mod. The feat has reignited discussions about the effectiveness of twin turbos in the NPK series. Despite the success in other racing categories, twin turbos have seemingly struggled to maintain consistency in the unique conditions of NPK races.

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Jeff Lutz's Struggles: The spotlight then turns to Jeff Lutz and his iconic GTO, a machine that has showcased impressive speed and performance but has faced challenges in the fiercely competitive NPK landscape. Previously a top contender, Lutz and his crew have found themselves slipping to 19th place in the main Invitational point standings, a significant setback for a team accustomed to being in the top tier.

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ProCharger Solution: The article suggests a potential solution to Jeff Lutz's struggles – a shift from twin turbos to a ProCharger setup. The author argues that installing a ProCharger on the big block Chevy combination could significantly enhance the GTO's performance. By leveraging a cast aluminum block and reducing the weight to under 2,600 lbs, the GTO could become a formidable competitor, possibly even surpassing the current leaders in the NPK series.

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Unlocking the GTO's Potential: The proposed ProCharger setup, coupled with a weight reduction and upgraded cylinder heads, could potentially make Jeff Lutz's GTO a "killer" in the NPK series. Drawing parallels to Damon's success with a similar configuration, the article explores the potential benefits of making such a strategic shift. It emphasizes the importance of adapting to the evolving dynamics of NPK racing to stay competitive and regain a prominent position in the rankings.

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Jeff Lutz's Decision: As the article concludes, it acknowledges Jeff Lutz's historical affinity for twin turbo setups but speculates that the challenging season may prompt him to reconsider. The anticipation builds as fans await an official announcement regarding any changes to Jeff Lutz's racing configuration, leaving the Street Outlaws community eager to see if the GTO will indeed undergo a transformation that could redefine its performance in the upcoming NPK season.

Photo by RadicalSpeed & LUTZ RACE CARS

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