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Inside The Explosive Kye Kelley and Pat Musi Drama on NPK at Alabama

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Kye Kelley and Pat Musi had drama on Street Outlaws’ most recent episode, which aired on December 19. Discovery fans have been discussing the explosive argument after he initially started arguing with Lizzy, Pat’s daughter. The disagreement began after Kye and Lizzy raced each other with his wife securing the win. Before the race, Pat had told Kye they’d go easy on him.

Pat Musi isn’t just the father of his fiancee but also the provider to his racing gear. Pat Musi Racing Engines is a one-stop shop for sportsman engines with a Pro Mod pedigree. So, what is the drama between Kye and Pat?

Inside Kye Kelley and Pat Musi drama

Photo by Lizzy Musi

Kye never asked Lizzy for the win in the Great Eight, but she won. Before the race, Pat told Kye not to blow his motor, and that they were going easy on him. As a result, Kye is thought to have held back and Lizzy beat him. He was mad at Pat for what he said and Lizzy got caught in the middle. When it happened live, months ago, fans figured Kye was done with Pat and would move on to another engine brand and power adder for his motor.

Pat was also overheard saying to Kye that he “wouldn’t beg for a win.” It isn’t the first time Pat has been involved in on-screen drama, as during Street Outlaws last season, Pat and Lizzy assumed Jerry had guessed the light. However, Pat didn’t like that Jerry tried to show them video of him leaving on green. Last year, there was another disagreement similar to this one, when Lizzy beat Kye in a race on the track.

Kye and Lizzy on honeymoon amid breakup rumors

Lizzy shared a series of videos to her Instagram Story on December 20. The first was a video with the words, ‘Antigua Honeymoon,’ with Kye by her side while they traveled in the back of a vehicle, suggestively a taxi. The following two videos saw them enjoying an alcoholic beverage each. Kye has ordered what he calls a “beer bomb” while Lizzy is enjoying a refreshing iced orange drink, in what is their first holiday away together.

Photo by Kye Kelley Racing

Kye confessed that they “have nothing else to do so have to have fun” before Lizzy clinks his drink and says: “Here’s to our life.”

Family tensions and future plans. Video by Stoutlaws

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