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Who Are the Standout Draft Picks for Team Championship of No Prep Kings Season 6?

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

The world of street racing has forever served as a fierce arena where talent, speed, and unwavering determination clash. No Prep Kings Season 6, the ultimate testing ground for these competitors, has unveiled a roster of outstanding draft selections who are commanding the spotlight. In this thrilling season, it's not solely the well-established heavyweights making waves; it's the hidden talents emerging from obscurity to seize their moment of glory.

Among the remarkable racers featured in this season's lineup, names we know well, such as Kayla Morton, Nate Sayler, and Lizzy Musi, adorn the leaderboards with their wealth of experience and outstanding performances. They stand as the pillars of No Prep Kings, persistently pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in this adrenaline-fueled sport.

Top #20 Invitational Point Standings heading into Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Top #20 Invitational Point Standings heading into Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Photo by streetoutlaws_npkspoilers

However, what sets this season apart are the astonishing surprises that have left fans in sheer awe. One name that resonates profoundly is Clay Cole. A true underdog in the making, Clay didn't secure his spot in the Invitational until just two races ago. Yet, he has already achieved an impressive 23rd place in the points rankings, demonstrating that his previously underestimated status was merely a facade. Clay's journey stands as a testament to the unpredictable and enchanting nature of street racing.

Clay Cole - the standout Draft Picks for NPK Team Championship

Clay Cole - one of the standout Draft Picks for NPK Team Championship. Photo by Clay Cole Racing

Clay Cole and his impressive 23rd place in the Invitational Totals.

Clay Cole and his impressive 23rd place in the Invitational Totals. Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

His vehicle, a masterpiece crafted by Cameron Johnson and powered by a ProLine mh-7 Hemi, has left everyone pondering the identity of the genius behind the tuning. Regardless, Clay's outstanding performances in the third round and his jaw-dropping appearance in the finals undeniably showcase his exceptional talent. He even outpaced some of the swiftest cars, including an intense showdown with Kayla. His loss to the reigning champion, Kye Kelley, only solidified Clay's position as an ascending star within the No Prep Kings universe. There's no denying it; Clay is on the verge of greatness, with the possibility of securing a top-10 finish in the points race well within his reach.

Clay Cole's Z28 Camaro Overdose
Clay Cole's Z28 Camaro Overdose

Clay Cole's Z28 Camaro Overdose. Photo by Clay Cole Racing

The season also introduces Damon Merchant, another unexpected find, picked up by Team Boddie in the latter stages of the draft. A relative newcomer who made his debut in Season 4, Damon didn't earn a spot in the Invitational until this particular season. Nonetheless, he steadily ascended the rankings and occupied the coveted number one position for a significant stretch of races. Currently residing in the third position, Damon's journey serves as a quintessential embodiment of the No Prep Kings ethos: an unwavering quest for excellence. Despite encountering hurdles along the way, Damon's tenacity and innate talent have consistently shone through, serving as a powerful reminder that in this realm, underdogs can ultimately ascend to legendary status.

Damon Merchant's Rogue Camaro

Damon Merchant's Rogue Camaro. Photo by Lou 405 Photo

As the season unfolds, the focus naturally gravitates toward these remarkable draft picks, infusing No Prep Kings Season 6 with a fresh dynamism and an element of unpredictability. Their narratives serve as a wellspring of inspiration, captivating not only those directly involved in the racing action but also enthusiasts worldwide. The excitement of unearthing hidden talents and bearing witness to their meteoric ascent epitomizes what makes street racing an exhilarating, on-the-edge-of-your-seat spectacle.

In a discipline where success hinges on fractions of a second and the competition has never been more fierce, No Prep Kings Season 6 unequivocally illustrates that at times, the most extraordinary talents emerge from the shadows. The crucible of adversity shapes champions, and this season's draft selections are demonstrating that they possess the qualities required to carve out their places as tomorrow's legends. As we eagerly anticipate the remaining races of the season, one thing remains unequivocal: the underdogs have firmly established their presence, forever altering the landscape of street racing.

Clay Cole got picked up by Kye Kelley from the reserve pool, raced his way-in and went to the invitational final to race his captain on his third try in the invitationals. Video by Upshift

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