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Great 8 NPK Finals 2022 and Lizzy's Thoughts about Laying Down for Kye Kelley

Through the power of YouTube, these days, we are able to witness racing events like never before. Not only do we get the broadcast television version of events but we also can see what happens from the point of view of a wide variety of racers. With the nature of content these days, it’s amazing just how much deeper fans can dive if they really want to. We don’t just have to stick with what the major networks give us but we can also see behind the scenes with some of our favorite racers as well.

This time, for example, we tune in with Lizzy Musi as she takes on No Prep Kings at the Great 8 in Ennis, Texas. As we’re in the swing of season five, Lizzy continues to be one of a top dog and favorite at every race.

Photo by C.Paulshock Photography

Lizzy come in Texas with a lot confidence in her car, a Edelbrock Performance/Lucas Oil “Bonnie” ’69 Camaro. She has been making rounds since coming back after her wreck. There is no doubt that bringing Bonnie back in the end of the championship is a very risky move, however, we have full confidence in the Musi team, as well as Robert Hayes team and with a guy as experienced as Pat Musi we believe that they made sure that all the small issues have been taken care of, and the car has been thru its shakedown already and it is now ready to race.

Photos by Lizzy Musi

It’s a tough deal to draw your teammates or even your future husband but when it comes down to business (and at this level, it’s all about business) you have an obligation to your sponsors and fans to not lay down to help advance someone else. This time it appears that Lizzy didn’t draw Kye Kelley. She is determined to get the win and support Kye with some much-needed assistance in the battle for point collection.

Photo by Lizzy Musi

In a latest vlog video, Lizzy recaps the Great 8 at Texas Motorcomplex on her YouTube channel. In the video, we spectate a lot of heated situations from chip draw to physical confrontations and Lizzy’s winning first round. We also get a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes in the pits to see just how much work is invested on race day. While some might think that the racers pull on the premises, race, and go home, it’s certainly not that simple. Instead, as we get the opportunity to spectate in this vlog, race weekend is a constant effort from start to finish.

Video by Lizzy Musi Racing

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