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Gas Monkey Bar Files $6 Million Lawsuit against Richard Rawlings

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Throughout the course of his career, it’s no secret that Fast N’ Loud star, Richard Rawlings, has been a bit of a magnet for controversy. Whether it’s beef with other reality television stars or a lawsuit here and there, the man certainly has a way of staying in the spotlight.

I guess that when you have a multifaceted business with as big of a name as Gas Monkey Garage, it’s only natural that you get into an unwanted crop-up here and there.

This time, we check in with one part of the Gas Monkey brand that has earned Rawlings some money but some headaches as well. In order to cash in on the Gas Monkey logo and name, Rawlings licensed the trademark to a Gas Monkey-themed bar and grill. Unfortunately, the relationship between Rawlings and Gas Monkey Bar and Grill has been anything but smooth.

Richard Rawlings opened The Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill off Technology Boulevard in northwest Dallas in 2013

From power struggles to accusations of a manager stealing money and even a case of alleged missing financial records, the back-and-forth between Rawlings and the people who own the franchise has been enveloped in a lot of drama.

Richard Rawlings at his Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas.

If we were to ask the folks from Gas Monkey Bar and Grill exactly why this is, they would probably tell us that it’s because the bar never really belonged to Richard but apparently that didn’t stop him from trying to make himself a part of the business anyways. However, Rawlings would probably clap back with the idea that he thought that the bar was misusing the license that his brand provided. In fact, Rawlings’s lawyer would even go so far as claiming that Gas Monkey Bar and Grill has been in breach of contract since day one.

By following along with the video below from YouTube creator, Celebrity Net Worth, we get to dig into the 2018 situation that had the people responsible for Rawlings’s own brand filing a $6 million lawsuit against him.

Video by Celebrity Net Worth

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