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Fireball Camaro Returning to No Prep Elite Racing at Brainerd

Hello Street Outlaws fans! Welcome to, your go-to source for all things Street Outlaws. Today, we have some thrilling news to share – the Fireball Camaro is potentially making its return this weekend at Brainerd.

Photo by Fireball Camaro 

Just two weeks ago, Ryan Martin encountered a significant setback when his motor in the gray car suffered a rod failure during a race. At the time of the incident, Ryan was leading against Murder Nova when the motor blew, resulting in a substantial fire. Fortunately, Ryan and the car were unharmed, though the engine sustained severe damage. Ryan has since installed a brand new motor in the gray car.

Recently, a picture surfaced showing the Fireball Camaro being loaded into a trailer, indicating its anticipated return for this weekend's race. This development is creating a buzz among fans and competitors. The Fireball Camaro, equipped with a screw blower, has already demonstrated its prowess by winning an Invitational race earlier this season. However, the car had to sit out the last race due to damage to the blower.

Screw blowers are not only expensive but also rare and challenging to repair. Unlike ProChargers, which can be swapped out relatively easily, screw blowers require more time and effort to fix. Despite these challenges, it seems that Ryan is ready to bring the Fireball Camaro back to the track.

Photo by Fireball Camaro 

The gray car was extremely fast and consistent before the engine failure. Many believe that if the motor hadn’t given out, Ryan would have won the race against Shawn. However, Ryan has high hopes for the Fireball Camaro. At the beginning of the season, he mentioned that the Fireball, with its screw blower setup, was faster than any other car or combination he's run in NPK.

Looking ahead to this weekend at Brainerd, the air conditions are not expected to be ideal. However, screw-blown cars like the Fireball Camaro tend to perform well even in less-than-optimal air quality. Ryan has dialed in the Fireball Camaro, making it a formidable competitor.

Whether it’s the gray car or the Fireball Camaro, Ryan Martin is always a significant threat to win any race he enters. With the Fireball Camaro potentially returning to the track, this weekend’s race at Brainerd promises to be thrilling. Stay tuned to see how Ryan and the Fireball Camaro fare against the competition!

Photo by CPaulshock Photography

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