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Farmtruck & AZN Will Join Street Outlaws Season 6 in Australia

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Some big news to wake up to on a Sunday, with the announcement at the PRI Show that Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws No Prep Kings crew will be touring Australia in February 2023.

Word is that the 10 American cars will need to be on a boat within the week to make the rumoured February time frame for kick off.

10 Aussie cars will be hand-picked to take on the yanks, though we hear it will not be the same 10 at each track. Racing will happen at four tracks, Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne, Sydney Dragway, Willowbank Raceway and Perth Motorplex (February 24-25).

The rumour mill is in overdrive about who the Aussie contenders will be, but word is a Top Doorslammer legend is putting a combination together for the tour as we speak. As well top-shelf players in the Aussie Pro Radial scene.

Calder Park Drag Racing's Peter Pisalidis provided more info on Facebook:

"The interest and excitement is what you would expect and the phones and messages are going crazy as this is the biggest thing to happen in Drag Racing in Australia, probably ever!

Information on specifics will be put out as the smoke settles over the next week or so, however in the mean time touch base with your local liaison if you would like to be included in the race match up:

Perth: Simon Travaglini & Ray Treasure

Willowbank: Terry Seng

Sydney: Craig Burns

Calder Park: Frank Marchese

As a guide there will be a NPK USA vs AUS call out type line up and those cars have to be approved by the organizers. There will also be classes based on big tire, small tire, and one open to a mixture of competition vehicles.

All numbers will be capped and at the discretion of the show. If you would like to be included in the line up, please touch base with one of the persons above and as more information can be released you will be kept in the loop."

Photo by Peter Pisalidis

Of course, many of the heavy-hitters on the Aussie scene have deep ties in the Street Outlaws world, including Dale Heiler who tunes a bunch of Street Outlaws cars.

Farmtruck and AZN have stuck the original Farmtruck in a container and are heading back to Australia to take part in the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Aussie tour.

The duo has been to Australia twice before. At Street Machine Summernats 30, the boys came without a car of their own, but got right in the thick of it anyway, including a cruise in the Carnage Mazda MX-5. Then they returned for Summernats 31 in 2018, this time in a replica Farmtruck built especially for burnouts.

This will be the biggest tour of high-profile US drag racers to Australia since the Wild Bunch tours of the early 90s saw the likes of Camp Stanley, Kirk Kuhns, John Scialpi, Johnny Rocca and Scotty Cannon go head-to-head with the Aussie stars of the day.

The first big tour of US drag stars to Australia was Dragfest in 1966, which played a massive part in the expansion of the sport. Will the Street Outlaws tour have a similar effect? We can't wait to find out.

Q&A about Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 6

1. What dates are Street Outlaws No Prep Australia?

  • Calder Park TBC

  • Calder Park TBC

  • Perth Motorplex: 24-25 February

  • Willowbank Raceway: 3-4 March

2. Which Street Outlaws No Prep Kings stars are going to Australia?

  • Disco Dean

  • Robin Roberts

  • Jerry Bird

  • Lizzy Musi

  • Kye Kelley

  • Ryan Martin

  • Justin Swan

  • Shawn Ellington

  • Jeff Lutz

  • Farmtruck & AZN

3. Where can I buy tickets to Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Australia?

Tickets are yet to go on sale, but our bet is they will be available via each track

4. Which Aussie racers are competing against the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings?

The list of Aussies taking on the American NPK stars has yet to be announced, but a number of our top radial racers have been busy converting their cars to a big tire set up, including John Ricca.

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