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Farewell to Legends: Racers Exiting No Prep Kings Season 7

Hey there, Street Outlaws fans! Today, we've got some bittersweet news to share about the upcoming No Prep Kings Season 7. It seems like three of our beloved racers won't be hitting the tracks this time around. Let's dive into the details.

Photo by Street Outlaws Live

First up, Chuck 55. This guy's been a staple in the No Prep Kings scene since the very beginning, way back in Season 1. But alas, Chuck's decided to hang up his racing boots for Season 7. Instead, he'll be shifting gears to focus on his family. It's a tough call, but family always comes first, right? Chuck's ride was a beast last season, tuned up by none other than Brandon Pez, and it was tearing up the track. We'll definitely miss seeing him out there.

Photo by Chuck55

Next on the list is Mike Bowman. You might remember him from his killer run in Season 6, even though he had his fair share of hurdles to jump. Mike went all out, building a new car for the NPK scene back in Season 5. Despite some setbacks, his ride was lightning-fast. But unfortunately, Mike won't be joining us this season either. It's a shame, really, 'cause Mike's a seasoned racer with serious skills. Here's hoping we'll catch him back in action for Season 8.

Photo by Mike Bowman Racing

Last but not least, we've got Mike Chandler. This guy made waves when he entered NPK last season, and boy, did he make an impression. His car was a speed demon, hitting those 3.80s like it was nobody's business. Mike was all set to upgrade his ride for this season, but sadly, due to sponsorship woes, he won't be making it to the starting line. It's a tough break, especially when we know he had the potential to shake things up.

Photo by Mike Chandler  

Now, we know it's not just these three facing challenges. Running in the NPK ain't easy—it takes serious cash and commitment. We've seen other racers bow out in the past, and it's a reminder of the tough reality of the game. But hey, let's send our best wishes to Chuck, Mike Bowman, and Mike Chandler. We're rooting for them, and who knows, maybe we'll see them back on the track sooner than we think.

That's all for now, folks. Keep those engines revving and stay tuned for more Street Outlaws updates. And remember, it's not just about the races—it's about the community. Catch you next time on!

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