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Exclusive Look at “Street Outlaws No Prep Kings” Season 6 Launching in Ohio

Pilgrim Studios, the production company behind the popular "Street Outlaws" reality TV franchise on the Discovery Channel, has introduced a significant change for season six of "No Prep Kings." They have shifted from the traditional unofficial team structure to a formal team championship format. This new format was created through an NFL-style draft, where each team selected five drivers, leading to the separation of friends, neighbors, stablemates, and even family members. This transition is expected to bring both thrilling competition and off-track drama throughout the season.

Photo by Dragzine

Daddy Dave Comstock secured the eighth and final team-lead spot in a highly-contentious online popular vote, narrowly surpassing Lizzy Musi. He joins Ryan Martin, Shawn "Murder Nova" Ellington, Jay Boddie, "Disco Dean" Karns, Kye Kelley, Mike Murillo, and Justin Swanstrom as team captains. Karns, well-prepared with custom "Dean's List" jerseys for his new team members, had the first pick and selected Jerry Bird with his nitrous oxide-assisted '68 Mustang. Jim Howe, Scott Taylor, Nate Sayler, Jeff Lutz, Robin Roberts, Kayla Morton, and Lizzy Musi were subsequently chosen in the opening round.

Photo by Dragzine

Notably, Justin Swanstrom, last season's third-place finisher, managed to secure his original choices, forming an all screw-blown team consisting of Howe, John Odom, Justin's quasi-teammate Kallee Mills, and Tony McKinney. Reigning champion Ryan Martin selected Giuseppe Gentile, Roberts, Rich Bruder, and 405 OG Chuck Seitsinger. Kye Kelley kept his longtime teammates Lizzy Musi and David Gates, maintaining their NOLA crew. Jay Boddie added Nate Sayler and Mike Bowman to his Team Cali, while Shawn "Murder Nova" Ellington reunited with Jeff Lutz and welcomed back a resurgent "Chuck 55" Parker. Daddy Dave Comstock picked a rising star in Kayla Morton and an always-quick Larry Roach, while Mike Murillo secured Scott Taylor and Brandon James for his team.

An important outcome of the new format is the inclusion of drivers who participated in the Future Street Outlaws program in 2022. Drivers like Nate Sayler, Manny Alvarez, Marty Robertson, and Greg Chandler have now stepped onto the big stage, drawn chips, and showcased their talents for the first time.

Several drivers were not drafted in Ohio, including Tim Brown, James "Reaper" Goad, Dave Adkins, Joe "Dominator" Woods (who was absent from the event), James "Doc" Love, Calvin Franco, and Shawn Wilhoit. These drivers, who will compete in Outlaw Big Tire in the meantime, may be selected at any time to substitute for a missing or broken team driver. Moreover, they can be "called up" to replace underperforming drivers on any team. This adds tension but also creates an incentive for non-drafted drivers to perform well and catch the attention of the eight team captains throughout the season, potentially earning a permanent spot in the invitational.

James "Doc" Love. Photo by Dragzine

With the new draft complete, speculation arises regarding the winners and losers of this unique format. Who are the top contenders for the season, and which drivers may find themselves either demoted or promoted to the main show during the 13 weekends of racing ahead? Only time will tell as the competition unfolds.

Photo by Radical Speed

As you anticipate the upcoming premiere of the series on the Discovery Channel later this year, indulge in the exclusive glimpse provided by Radical Speed into the captivating world of men and women and their incredible machines. This summer, they will storm the country, delivering what is widely regarded as the most phenomenal spectacle in the sport at present.

Video by Radical Speed

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