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Exciting News: No Prep Kings Canada Event Officially Announced!

Buckle up because we've got some thrilling news fresh off the press! It's official – the highly anticipated No Prep Kings Canada event has just been announced, and it's sending shockwaves of excitement throughout the racing community.

Set to take place at the Rad Torque Raceway and Mission Raceway Park in July of this year, this event promises to be nothing short of epic. Mark your calendars for July 19th and 20th, as well as July 26th and 27th, because you won't want to miss a single moment of the action-packed racing extravaganza.

Photo by Street Outlaws

What makes this event even more special? It's going to be an NPK Allstar event, featuring some of the top-tier racers from the No Prep Kings series. That's right – the same elite group that tore up the tracks in Australia is gearing up to conquer Canada next.

Now, here's the scoop: since it's smack dab in the middle of NPK season 7, not all racers will be making the trek to Canada. Instead, it looks like the invite list will mainly consist of those with two cars at their disposal. Smart move, considering that one car will need to stay stateside while the other makes its way north of the border.

For instance, Justin Swanstrom has snagged an invite and is gearing up to race in Canada with Prenup, while his new beast, Bad Blood, will hold down the fort in the US. And he's not alone – expect to see other top contenders like Robin Roberts and Murder Nova following suit.

Get ready to rev your engines because we've got a list of heavy hitters that's guaranteed to make this event one for the ages.

1- Boosted GT

2- Ryan Martin

3- Murder Nova

4- Scott Taylor

5- Kye Kelley

6- Lizzy Musi

7- Robin Roberts

8- Disco Dean Stinky Pinky

9- Jeff Lutz

10- Justin Swanstrom

Photo by Justin Swanstrom

But here's where it gets interesting. Who are the Canadian racers ready to go toe-to-toe with the best of the best from the US? That's the million-dollar question. Sure, we've seen some showdowns in the past, like the 405 versus Canada street event back in 2017-2018, but this time, the stakes are higher, and the competition fiercer.

We're talking about finding Canadian racers with the chops to take on the big dogs of the No Prep Kings circuit. So, if you know of any Canadian racers running cars of this caliber, we want to hear from you! Drop a comment down below and let us know who you think has what it takes to give the US racers a run for their money.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room – the cars. Will they be running small tires or big tires? We'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out on race day.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

With two events in Canada sandwiched in the middle of NPK season 7, plus the 15 events lined up for No Prep Kings season 7, it's safe to say that this year is shaping up to be one for the history books. Get ready for adrenaline-pumping action, heart-stopping showdowns, and jaw-dropping moments – because the street outlaws are revving their engines, and they're ready to dominate the asphalt like never before.

Stay tuned to for all the latest updates, news, and insider info from the world of street racing. It's going to be one hell of a ride!

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