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Eight Captains Finalize Their Team Selections for NPK Season 6?!

The excitement is mounting as No Prep Racing recently revealed the highly anticipated draft of the teams for Season 6 of the exhilarating street racing series, No Prep Kings. This annual event marks a crucial moment in the journey towards crowning the ultimate champion, as captains carefully select their teams from a pool of talented drivers.

Photo by No Prep Racing

As the racing community eagerly awaited the draft, the anticipation was palpable. With a mix of familiar faces and rising stars, this season's teams promise to deliver thrilling battles and intense competition on the unprepared tracks that define the essence of No Prep Racing.

Among the captains making their official selections was Kye Kelley, a seasoned competitor renowned for his skill behind the wheel and his fierce determination to come out on top. Kelley's team showcases a lineup of formidable talents, each bringing their unique skills and racing prowess to the table. One of his notable picks was the unstoppable Lizzy Musi, a driver known for her lightning-fast speeds and relentless drive for success. Musi's inclusion on Kelley's team adds a layer of excitement and anticipation to their performance in the upcoming season. Joining Musi is David Gates, Jay Boddie Jr., and Chris Rankin.

Team Kye Kelley. Photo by Pat Musi Racing Engines

Ryan Martin, the three-time No Prep Kings champion, has officially unveiled his highly anticipated team, aptly named "Team Fireball." As one of the most respected and accomplished racers in the sport, Martin's team selection carries significant weight and ignites curiosity among fans and fellow competitors alike. Joining Martin in the ranks of Team Fireball is Robin Roberts, Giuseppe Gentile, Bruder and Chuck Seitsinger.

Team Fireball. Photo by Fireball Camaro

No Prep Racing has once again set the stage for a thrilling season, where anything can happen on the unprepared tracks. With the draft complete, all eyes are now on the teams as they prepare to showcase their skills and go head-to-head in heart-stopping races that will captivate audiences worldwide.

As the countdown begins for the official start of NPK Season 6, the anticipation and excitement among fans and drivers alike continue to grow. Get ready for a wild ride as these teams, led by their captains, navigate the challenges, rivalries, and triumphs that await them on the road to becoming the next No Prep Kings champions.

Photo by No Prep Racing

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