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Dominator's Revival: A Turbocharged Triumph in No Prep Kings Season 7!

As anticipation mounts for the upcoming season of No Prep Kings, all eyes are on Dominator and his newly revamped ride. The recent video posted on his Facebook page has sparked excitement among fans, hinting at a machine finely tuned and primed for action.

Video by Dominator

Last week's setback at Virginia, plagued by engine issues, seemed like a mere hiccup in Dominator's journey. Reports suggest it was a camshaft problem, but now, with a brand new camshaft grind courtesy of Noonan, the car appears to be a force to be reckoned with. The footage showcases a beastly machine, exuding speed and power-a promising sight for fans eager to see Dominator reclaim his throne.

Photo by Dominator

One of the main challenges with turbo setups on NPK is getting all that power down to the ground. However, with his extensive experience and the latest upgrades, Dominator seems poised to tackle this obstacle head-on. The hope is that he can translate his potential into tangible results, making waves and possibly clinching victory.

What's remarkable about Dominator's journey is the evolution of his car. Originally an OG of Street Outlaw, this vehicle has seen its fair share of transformations. From its beginnings with a 632 cubic inch n motor, to experimenting with turbos in 2016, and now boasting a Nunan motor, the car has undergone a remarkable evolution.

But it's not just about the engine upgrades. Dominator has also put in the work to overhaul the chassis, a testament to his dedication and skill. Taking on the task mostly by himself, he's transformed the old, outdated chassis into a platform capable of handling immense power-a feat worthy of admiration.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Dominator's story is not unique in the world of No Prep Kings. Fellow racers like Reaper and Brad exemplify the same spirit of determination and self-reliance. Whether it's rebuilding cars from scratch or fine-tuning every aspect for maximum performance, these racers embody the essence of the sport.

As the season unfolds, all eyes will be on Dominator and his newly revitalized ride. Can he defy expectations and prove that a twin turbo setup is competitive in NPK? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: fans are eagerly awaiting the moment when Dominator crosses that finish line, leaving a trail of dust and competitors in his wake.

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