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Dominator’s New Car “Dartona” getting finished for No Prep Kings Season 6!!

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Street Outlaws fans are in for a treat as the highly anticipated No Prep Kings Season 6 is just around the corner. And with it comes the latest creation from one of the most renowned racers on the show, Dominator. This time, he is coming with a new car called the “Dartona,” a custom-built Dodge Dart with a unique and eye-catching design.

Dominator has been a staple in the Street Outlaws racing community for many years and has built a reputation for himself as a skilled builder and tuner. Over the years, he has been seen driving several different vehicles on the show, but his latest creation, the Dartona, is unlike anything we have seen from him before. This car is a combination of a Dodge Dart and a Dartona front end, which gives it a distinctive and futuristic look.

The Dartona is also built to perform, with a Noonan twin turbo Hemi engine under the hood. The Hemi engine is known for its exceptional power, and when combined with twin turbos, it can produce incredible speed. This makes the Dartona one of the most powerful vehicles on the No Prep Kings track. The aerodynamics of the car have also been improved, which will allow it to run at higher speeds than its predecessor, the original Dart.

Dominator has always been someone who likes to do things his way, and this is evident in the way he builds his cars. He builds and tunes his vehicles himself, which sets him apart from other racers on the show who often have professional chassis builders work on their cars. This may make it harder for Dominator to compete against other racers, but it also gives him a unique advantage as he knows every aspect of his car inside and out.

In the upcoming No Prep Kings Season 6, fans can expect to see Dominator push the Dartona to its limits. The car’s new design and improved performance make it one of the most exciting vehicles on the track. And with Dominator behind the wheel, we can be sure to see some intense racing action.

In conclusion, Dominator’s Dartona is a unique and highly anticipated addition to the No Prep Kings Season 6 lineup. With its impressive design and powerful performance, fans can expect to see some incredible racing from Dominator and the Dartona. Whether you’re a fan of Street Outlaws or just a lover of fast cars, the Dartona is definitely worth keeping an eye on this season.

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