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Dominator's Final Pass of NPK 2022!

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

When it comes to No Prep Kings, sure, we can watch what unfolds on television. However, with the way that things are today, seemingly everybody has their own YouTube channel which gives spectators another opportunity entirely.

Since the show began, Dominator, whose real name is Joe Woods, has quietly built quite a large following as one of the most likable guys on television. While he’s maintained his spot on the list since filming began with the exception of one very short hiatus, he’s managed to so without the aid of a huge budget or a large crew helping him along the way. In this video, we get to find out a lot more about Dominator's last pass of NPK 2022 and what goes into his operation.

Photo by Dragzine

Those who know Joe know him as a good guy who works his butt off to do what he loves, and what he loves is racing. When the show started, Dominator was running a pretty basic setup that just happened to work really well in his beloved Dodge Dart. The 632” workhorse had just one carb and a healthy dose of nitrous, and the chassis just really worked well. In fact, you’ll hear, in his own words, what happened the first time he raced the car on the street and how it immediately hooked him on the street racing lifestyle.

Photo by Dragzine

Like the rest of the cars on the show, Dominator’s Dart has evolved to keep up with the ever-changing demands of keeping a spot on the 405’s Top 10 list, as well as staying ahead of the out-of-town competition. Joe made the switch over to twin turbos, a decision that brought about a whole new world of challenges, but thanks to his years of experience and help from the guys at Haltech, Dominator has been able to get a handle on all that newfound horsepower and keep himself squarely in the thick of the list shootouts.

Photo by Dragzine

Down in the video below, Dominator’s team take us to the scene to see exactly how the Dart is moving into the last pass of NPK 2022.This guy is really the best in the business and is going to bring A-game to the table. This ends up creating some match-ups that we have absolutely got to see.

Video by Dominator405racing

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