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Doc Expands Operations and Heavy Metal Nova Ready for Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 7

Street Outlaws fans, get ready for an exciting season as Doc gears up to expand his operations and takes his Heavy Metal Nova to new heights in preparation for Season 7 of No Prep Kings. In this article, we'll delve into Doc's journey, the progress of Heavy Metal Nova, and what to expect from Doc in the upcoming season.

Photo by Street Beast "Doc"

Doc's Struggles and Progress: Doc's journey with Heavy Metal Nova has been a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs. Starting in Season 5, Doc faced difficulties adapting to the boosted combination on No Prep Kings and street racing. The older car with an outdated chassis posed a significant challenge, leading to struggles in the initial races.

However, last season marked a turning point for Doc. He invested time and effort into testing, upgrading to a new motor, and making crucial improvements to the Heavy Metal Nova. The result was a car that demonstrated significant progress, running impressively towards the end of the season. Even in races against formidable opponents like Justin Swanstrom, Doc showcased remarkable speed, indicating he's closing in on the level required to win an NPK event.

Shop Expansion: To further enhance his racing capabilities, Doc is not only pushing the limits with Heavy Metal Nova but also investing in a new, larger shop. This strategic move aims to provide a more comfortable and efficient workspace for both racing and overall operations. A bigger shop reflects Doc's commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to the sport.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography 

Street Beast 2.0 - The New Monte Carlo: Doc's ambition doesn't stop with Heavy Metal Nova. He has been diligently working on Street Beast 2.0, a purpose-built NPK car. Over the course of four years, Doc has been crafting a new Monte Carlo designed specifically for No Prep Kings racing. The car is set to be lighter, equipped with a screw blown combination, and tailored for optimal performance in NPK events.

Technical Upgrades: In response to the evolving rules of No Prep Kings, Doc has made technical upgrades to Heavy Metal Nova. With an expected increase in overdrive to 98%, the car underwent weight reduction, now hovering around 2790-2800 lbs. While slightly exceeding the weight limit, the adjustments have proven effective, and the car's consistency remains a focus for Doc.

Photo by Street Beast "Doc"

Looking Ahead to Season 7: With the upcoming season of No Prep Kings on the horizon, Doc stands as a formidable contender. If he can enhance the consistency of Heavy Metal Nova, Doc is poised to become a serious threat on the NPK circuit. Furthermore, the anticipation for the debut of Street Beast 2.0 adds an extra layer of excitement, as Doc aims to make a mark with his purpose-built Monte Carlo.

As Doc expands his operations, fine-tunes Heavy Metal Nova, and introduces Street Beast 2.0, Street Outlaws fans have plenty to look forward to in Season 7. The journey of this veteran racer reflects resilience, determination, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of street racing. Best of luck to Doc as he embarks on this new chapter, and may the streets witness some thrilling races in the upcoming season. Stay tuned for more updates on!

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