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Disco Dean to Unveil New Car Stinky Pinky #5 This Year!

Hello, Street Outlaws fans! Today on Street Outlaws Talks, we're bringing you the latest scoop on Disco Dean and his exciting new build – Stinky Pinky #5. Be sure to subscribe, leave a comment, and stay tuned for more updates on all things Street Outlaws!

Photo by Disco Dean Stinky Pinky

Recently, Disco Dean teased us on Facebook, asking if we, the fans, would be interested in seeing him build a new car. He even floated the idea of constructing a Tesla for NPK, which would be a groundbreaking move in the racing world. How he plans to do that remains a mystery, but it's certainly an intriguing possibility.

In a recent podcast with Justin Swanstrom, Dean confirmed that he is indeed working on a new car: Stinky Pinky #5. The build is progressing rapidly and is expected to be completed within the next three weeks. While it's still unclear whether this will be an NPK car or a small tire car, the anticipation is palpable.

Currently, Dean is racing his Cadillac, which has shown significant improvement over time. He's climbing the ranks and is currently sitting at number five or six in the NPK points standings. This progress is impressive, considering the struggles he initially faced with the Cadillac. Now, it’s getting faster with each race, and he's proving to be a formidable competitor against the heavy hitters.

Photo by Disco Dean Stinky Pinky

Many of you might remember Dean's earlier rides. From his days in the Camaro racing Big Chief about eight years ago, to his time with the Challenger when he first entered NPK, and then the long stint with the Chevelle. The Chevelle, now his go-to small tire car, has seen action in places like Canada and Australia, showcasing its speed and Dean's tuning prowess on various surfaces.

The possibility of a Tesla drag racer for NPK, especially one with a screw-blown Hemi, is mind-blowing. Such a unique build could set a new standard in the drag racing community. However, whether this new car will replace the Cadillac or serve as a new addition to his lineup remains to be seen.

Dean's skill in tuning and racing is evident across all his cars, and Stinky Pinky #5 promises to be another exciting chapter in his racing career. The Chevelle will likely continue to dominate the small tire scene, while the new car could bring something entirely fresh and unexpected to the track.

Photo by Mallory Elizabeth Photography

Stay tuned for more updates as we await the unveiling of Stinky Pinky #5. It's an exciting time for Disco Dean and all his fans, and we can't wait to see what he rolls out next!

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