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Debate Over The Armdrop or Flashlight Start?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Since the Arm Drop Drags introduced by JJ Da Boss on the last season's finale of Street Outlaws in Oklahoma, there has been an ongoing discussion about which format is superior: Flashlight start or Armdrop.

Photo by Street Outlaws

While it is unlikely that everyone will agree on one or the other, it is intriguing to determine where everyone stands on the issue. Before delving into the responses from the individuals of the 405, let's examine the distinctions between the two possibilities.

As Daddy Dave pointed out, the flashlight functions similarly to an "instant green" start at the drag strip. There is no ambiguity, and there is no questioning whether or not there was a jump or a fair start. If the vehicle moves before the light turns on, it is considered a jump and a loss. If the light turns on before the cars move, it is a fair start.

The armdrop alters all of this by incorporating the "chase is a race" clause, which means that even if one car leaves before the starter's arm drops, whoever reaches the finish line first is declared the winner. This opens up the possibility for a lot of gamesmanship, particularly for slower cars that may be unable to outrun their opponent in a head-to-head race. If you can time the drop so that you leave just before the starter drops their arms and your opponent follows suit, you have a significant advantage.

As you might expect, the individuals from the 405 favor the flashlight start since it is what they have always utilized to begin their races. Only Big Chief, who has never been ashamed to admit he can compete with the best of them, claims to be proficient in both, and thus far, that assertion has been relatively accurate.

What do you think about this debate? Which format is more equitable? More importantly, which format is more engaging? We are pretty certain what the answer is, but we enjoy hearing from you, so let us know your thoughts!

Video by Street Outlaws

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