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Daddy Dave's NPK Audi with New Procharger Making Big Power on The Dyno!

Daddy Dave, a renowned figure in the world of street racing, has once again made headlines with his latest creation - a powerful Audi equipped with a new Procharger, the f4x-136. The car, which is part of Daddy Dave's No Prep Kings lineup, has been making waves in the racing community thanks to its impressive power gains and cutting-edge technology.

Photo by Daddy Dave Racing

At the heart of Daddy Dave's Audi lies a powerful XRE Hemi engine, which has been extensively modified to deliver exceptional performance on the track. The engine, which features a Noonan-based design, has been paired with a new f4x-136 Procharger, which has allowed the car to make significant power gains.

Photo by Xtreme Racing Engines

During testing at Extreme Racing Engines, Daddy Dave's Audi produced an incredible 3523 horsepower to the hubs, thanks in large part to the new Procharger. This is more power than what Goliath, a rival car equipped with a bigger 140 blower, was able to produce, making Daddy Dave's Audi a serious contender for the championship.

One of the key advantages of the f4x-136 Procharger is that it is eligible for a significant weight break under the new NPK season 6 rules. This means that Daddy Dave's Audi can weigh as little as 26.50 with no Lockup in a modern car or 2625 in an older car, getting the 25-pound weight break. This gives the car a significant advantage on the track, allowing it to accelerate faster and reach higher speeds than its competitors.

Photo by Daddy Dave Racing

The new Procharger is also highly efficient, allowing Daddy Dave's Audi to produce impressive power gains without compromising on performance or fuel economy. Although it is smaller than other Prochargers on the market, it is more than capable of delivering the power and speed needed to compete at the highest levels of street racing.

With its powerful XRE Hemi engine and new f4x-136 Procharger, Daddy Dave's Audi is set to be a major force in the No Prep Kings series. The car's impressive power output and lightweight design make it a serious contender for the championship, capable of reaching speeds of over 200 miles an hour with ease.

Photo by Daddy Dave Racing

As Daddy Dave continues to fine-tune his Audi and push it to its limits on the track, there is no doubt that this powerful machine will continue to turn heads and impress racing enthusiasts around the world. Whether you're a fan of street racing or simply appreciate the engineering and technology behind high-performance cars, Daddy Dave's No Prep Kings Audi is a true marvel of modern automotive engineering.

Video by Street Outlaws 405

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