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Daddy Dave's Audi Trouble at Dragway 42 and His Struggle to Clinch More No Prep Kings Events!

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

In the thrilling world of street racing, Daddy Dave is a name that commands respect and admiration. Known for his skills behind the wheel and his determination to conquer the toughest challenges, Daddy Dave has become a prominent figure in the No Prep Kings racing circuit. However, every racing season brings its own set of obstacles, and Daddy Dave's journey in 2023 has been no exception.

The No Prep Kings event at Dragway 42 posed a significant challenge for many racers. With a demanding track and fierce competition, it was a true test of skill and performance. Daddy Dave, equipped with his new Audi, aimed to leave his mark on the event and secure another victory for his impressive racing portfolio.

Daddy Dave's Audi

Daddy Dave's Audi is a formidable machine in its own right! Photo by Daddy Dave

Daddy Dave's Audi, a formidable machine in its own right, had already tasted success earlier in the season with a win at Beech Bend. He's been performing well and has accomplished one of his goals. However, his other objectives include winning the team championship and clinching more No Prep Kings events.

Daddy Dave's first win at Beach Bend Raceway

Daddy Dave's first win at Beach Bend Raceway. Photo by Daddy Dave

Despite his early-season victory, Daddy Dave found himself on what he humorously calls the "Struggle Bus." Several races resulted in first-round exits, a challenging setback for any racer. As the points tally rolled in, Daddy Dave found himself sitting in the 20th position, a place far from where he had envisioned himself at this stage of the season.

Daddy Dave found himself sitting in the 20th position

Daddy Dave found himself sitting in the 20th position. Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

With high hopes and grand aspirations, Daddy Dave hit the track at Dragway 42. However, racing has its own unpredictable nature, and it was a weekend filled with highs and lows. During a critical race against Jeff Lutz, Daddy Dave's Audi experienced engine trouble, specifically a blown motor. The race saw him lagging behind, with ominous smoke billowing from his car towards the end. The diagnosis wasn't promising, as it appeared that a piston was damaged, possibly accompanied by harm to a sleeve.

Daddy Dave's Audi Trouble at Dragway 42
Daddy Dave's Audi Trouble at Dragway 42
Daddy Dave's Audi Trouble at Dragway 42

Daddy Dave's Audi trouble at Dragway 42 during racing against Jeff Lutz. Photo by Upshift

Daddy Dave is undoubtedly eager to get his car back on track as soon as possible. Fortunately, he should have a spare motor from Extreme Racing Engines, as he was selling the Goliath's power plant, an M5 Proline Hemi. Having a spare motor is crucial, especially given the demanding eight-race swing we're currently in, with three consecutive races completed and five more to go.

Despite his recent struggles with the car, Daddy Dave's well-built Audi and his exceptional driving skills will likely lead to improvements. He's determined not to end the season in 20th place, and his team's strong performance, currently in second place for the team championship, is a positive sign.

With the potential of his Audi and his partnership with Extreme Racing Engines, Daddy Dave has the tools to win on No Prep Kings. He's previously secured victory with this car when it was brand new, making over 3500 horsepower at the hub dyno, a remarkable feat given its smaller blower.

Daddy Dave's journey at No Prep Kings Dragway 42 may have encountered some turbulence, but true racing enthusiasts know that setbacks are merely opportunities for a triumphant return. As he navigates the challenges of the season, Daddy Dave's unwavering determination and remarkable driving skills are sure to make him a formidable contender once again. Whether it's overcoming engine troubles or bouncing back from early exits, Daddy Dave continues to be a source of inspiration and excitement in the world of street racing. Stay tuned for the rest of the season, where Daddy Dave will undoubtedly leave his mark on No Prep Kings.

Video by Daddy Dave

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