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Daddy Dave Explains Why He's Been So Quiet and Speaks Out About His New Audi

Updated: May 2, 2023

Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the release of the new rules, as per various comments and vlogs from the competitors. Preparing cars for the race without guidance has posed a conundrum for racers.

Photo by Street Outlaws

Daddy Dave, a continual NPK frontrunner, is in a more demanding situation as he attempts to assemble an entirely new build for the tournament rather than simply tweaking the previous machine. Therefore, Dave requires as much time as possible to study the regulations to assist his operation.

Dave published his new Audi at the 2022 SEMA exhibition, and since then, there has been little information about the construction and progress.

Recently, he posted on Facebook to clarify his silence, stating that the season 6 rulebook for No Prep Kings is out, and drivers are eager to hit the road in a few months. Dave has been swamped with emails as racers hurry to put their plans together.

Photo by Street Outlaws

Dave also shared that his racing operation, DDR, has gone through the guideline and formulated the best possible approach to concur. Despite some racers' dissatisfaction with the regulatory changes, striving to make the competition more demanding, Dave and his crew are not one of them.

Photo by Daddy Dave

It's anticipated that Dave will collect his car, finish constructing it at the engine shop, get it examined on the dyno, and conduct a test trial before finally presenting it on the track.

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