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Current No Prep Elite Championship Points Standings after Cordova & Robin's Win

Hello everybody, welcome to Street Outlaws Talks! Today, we're diving into the current points standings following the no prep elite event in Cordova. Big shoutout to the stack guy for providing the stats, and remember to subscribe, comment, and stay tuned for more updates on the no prep elite race series and all other Street Outlaws shows.

Photo by Radical Speed

Thanks to the stack guy, we can break down the latest Championship point standings after the recent event in Cordova. Giuseppe Gentile continues to lead the pack, maintaining his top position. Right behind him in second place is Robin Roberts, who had quite a dramatic race. Despite losing in the bracket-setting round, Roberts drew back in and managed to clinch the win. Talk about luck!

Here’s the current top 16 standings:

Photo by Street Outlaws No Prep Talk

Photo by Radical Speed

Jimmy Taylor rounds out the top 16, but with four more points races to go before the elite 16 race, these standings could change rapidly. At the elite 16 races, competitors won’t have the chance to get a lucky tip to re-enter the show. Therefore, the upcoming races are absolutely critical for those vying for a spot in the championship run.

Rob Roberts' recent victory was well-deserved. His car is not only fast but also remarkably consistent. While many struggled with tire shake and spin, Roberts managed to keep his runs clean and fast. Consistency is key in no prep racing, as even the fastest car can falter on a challenging track.

Photo by Radical Speed

The Cordova event highlighted just how tough the competition can be. Many racers had to abort their passes due to track conditions, but Roberts' ability to stay consistent earned him the win against Murder Nova in the finals. It's possible that Shawn "Murder Nova" Ellington turned up his car too much in the finals, given that he had beaten Robin in the bracket-setting round.

Currently, Giuseppe Gentile holds a slight lead over Robin Roberts, with Murder Nova in a close third. However, with four more points races left, we can expect plenty of shifts in the standings. Who will make it to the top 16 for the elite race? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights on the No Prep Elite race series right here at Street Outlaws Talks. Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, and share your thoughts!

See you on the track!

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