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Controversy Surrounding ProCharger F4 136 after No Prep Kings Alabama!

In recent days, the Street Outlaws racing community has been buzzing with discussions, debates, and controversies centering around the ProCharger F4 136. This new ProCharger has taken the racing scene by storm, and its implications for the sport have left enthusiasts both excited and divided. In this article, we aim to shed light on the developments and what the future may hold for this contentious issue.

First and foremost, it's essential to clarify that this controversy does not revolve around a single racer, specifically Ryan Martin, or attempts to impose rules against him. The root of the issue dates back to the beginning of the season when the rules, or more accurately, the rule adjustments, were put in place, well before the season officially kicked off, around April.

Controversy Surrounding ProCharger F4 136 in Street Outlaws Racing!

Controversy surrounding ProCharger F4 136 after NPK Alabama. Photo by Richard Rowe

One of these adjustments involved offering a substantial 100lb weight reduction to vehicles utilizing the older F3 136 ProCharger combination. The F3 136 ProCharger has been a staple in the market for over a decade, enjoying considerable usage and success.

Controversy Surrounding ProCharger F4 136 in Street Outlaws Racing!

Photo by Radical Speed

However, the turning point arrived as the season started, with ProCharger introducing the F4 136, a new and more powerful variant. This development prompted several racers, particularly those at the forefront of the competition, to switch to the F4 136 ProCharger. This strategic move allowed them to shed 100 pounds from their base weight.

The results were striking, with the last six major events being claimed by cars equipped with the F4 136. Notable racers like Damon Merchant, Nate Sayler, and Ryan Martin also transitioned from their previous setups to the F4 136. This switch not only made their vehicles lighter but also endowed them with similar or higher power levels compared to their prior F4 140 ProChargers.

Controversy Surrounding ProCharger F4 136 in Street Outlaws Racing!

Photo by Dean Images

The significance of this change lies in the fact that in racing, every pound matters. Running a hundred pounds lighter while maintaining the same or even greater power can translate to a substantial advantage on the racetrack. In the highly competitive No Prep Kings circuit, this edge is a game-changer.

Some argue that the reigning individual champion, Kye Kelley, achieved success with a screw blower. However, a closer look at Kye Kelley's performance in the main Invitational totals reveals a decline in recent races, now holding the fourth position and struggling to reclaim the number one spot, even with the double points race on the horizon.

Updated NPK point standings after Alabama

Updated NPK point standings after Alabama. Photo by Street Outlaws Stat Guy

What's even more telling is that the top three racers are all utilizing the F4 136 ProCharger, clearly giving them an advantage. Damon, Nate, and Ryan, who are part of top-tier NPK teams, continue to dominate the competition.

Controversy Surrounding ProCharger F4 136 in Street Outlaws Racing!

Photo by Richard Rowe

To better understand this controversy, it's essential to examine the specifications provided by ProCharger. Comparing the F3 136 (the older version) with the F4 136 reveals several distinctions. The F4 136 boasts a larger inlet side, higher horsepower ratings (even though these numbers are conservatively stated by ProCharger), increased CFM output, additional boost pressure, and a larger inducer. These factors collectively mean that the F4 136 ProCharger is not only more potent but also produces more power.

Herein lies the crux of the issue. The F4 136 ProCharger operates at the same weight as the older F3 136 due to NPK rules. However, it generates significantly more power and is on par with the F4 140, which, by comparison, must carry an extra 100 pounds of weight.

Controversy Surrounding ProCharger F4 136 in Street Outlaws Racing!

Photo by Richard Rowe

As a result, racers who can achieve a base weight of 2725 or even 2750 pounds are making the switch to this combination. Racing a lighter car provides advantages, not only in terms of speed but also in reducing wear and tear on vehicle components. Moreover, a 100-pound difference, combined with similar power levels, can translate to a substantial lead on the track, approximately 3 to 5 numbers in the Eighth Mile. This discrepancy is especially significant in the tightly contested field of NPK.

The controversy reached a boiling point this past weekend as several racers attempted to lobby for the removal of the weight break or the addition of weight to the F4 136 ProCharger setup. However, these efforts were not successful.

 Invitational point standings heading into the Texas Motorplex for the Season finale

Invitational point standings heading into the Texas Motorplex for the Season finale. Photo by streetoutlaws_npkspoilers

Looking ahead, it remains uncertain whether rules will be altered for the upcoming race in Texas. Nevertheless, it is likely that minor adjustments will be made for the two qualifier races following Texas. These changes aim to maintain the competitive integrity of the sport and ensure a level playing field.

In conclusion, the ProCharger F4 136 has revolutionized the world of street racing by offering a distinct power-to-weight advantage. The weight break controversy has ignited passionate debates, and the racing community eagerly awaits the governing body's decision on this matter. Whether rules change or not, one thing is certain – street racing's appeal lies in its dynamic nature, the evolution of technology, and the ever-shifting strategies employed by racers. Street racing fans can anticipate thrilling races and fierce battles, irrespective of the resolution to this particular controversy. Stay tuned for further updates on this intriguing topic and the upcoming races in the Street Outlaws universe.

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