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Controversy Surrounding Front-End Extenders at No Prep Kings Las Vegas!!!

No Prep Kings Season 6 has been a rollercoaster of high-speed street racing, intense rivalries, and unexpected plot twists. One of the latest controversies to grip the no prep racing world unfolded at No Prep Kings Las Vegas, pitting Robin Roberts against Nate Sayler in a race that has ignited a debate about front-end extenders and their role in the sport.

Controversy Surrounding Front-End Extenders at No Prep Kings Las Vegas

Robin Roberts vs Nate Sayler at NPK Las Vegas. Photo by Upshift

Front-end extenders have ignited quite a bit of controversy, and it's safe to say that many, including myself, harbor a strong aversion to them. In an ideal scenario, we would prefer if all racers competed without these extenders. However, the crux of the matter lies in the peculiarities of how the Finish Line beam operates, revealing that not all cars are on an equal footing in this regard.

You see, the race commences with the front tire tripping the Finish Line beam. However, the determining factor for victory is the furthest point on the front end crossing that very line. This setup introduces a certain disparity, particularly for vehicles with elongated front ends. To level the playing field, a rule has been implemented to ensure that every competitor has an equitable opportunity to trigger the Finish Line beam.

At No Prep Kings events, racers are allowed to employ extenders, which serve to extend the front end to a specific distance: 47 inches from the spindle to the front extremity of the extender. Furthermore, these extenders or the front ends they modify must maintain a minimum elevation of at least three inches above the ground.

Controversy Surrounding Front-End Extenders at No Prep Kings Las Vegas

Robin Roberts and Ryan Martin - Team Fireball. Photo by Dragzine

Recently, during a riveting race between Nate Sayler and Robin Roberts in Las Vegas, tensions ran high. Both participants had extenders equipped on their front ends, but it later emerged that both of these extenders were in violation of the stipulated height requirement. They were positioned too low, failing to meet the mandated minimum of three inches above the ground. Consequently, having an extender set too low potentially grants an unfair advantage in triggering the Finish Line beam prematurely.

This incident isn't entirely unprecedented. We can recall a similar occurrence involving Brandon James and Jerry Bird last year, where Brandon James was in the lead but faced disqualification due to an extender that exceeded the height limit. This allowed Jerry Bird to activate the Finish Line beam first and claim victory.

Controversy Surrounding Front-End Extenders at No Prep Kings Las Vegas

Brandon James vs Jerry Bird

What's particularly intriguing is the suspicion that certain racers may be deliberately altering their extenders or positioning them too close to the ground, raising legitimate concerns about the consistency of rule enforcement within the realm of No Prep Kings.

Even Murder Nova delved into this issue in a recent video, recounting a race against Kallee Mills in which, despite being in the lead, his front end was positioned too high, handing victory to Kallee Mills. A similar scenario unfolded when he raced against Axman.

Controversy Surrounding Front-End Extenders at No Prep Kings Las Vegas

Murder Nova in his Ram Jack. Photo by Dragzine

The matter of these extenders has become a significant focal point, as it's imperative for all participants to have an equitable chance at triggering the Finish Line beam. The future actions of No Prep Kings in addressing this issue remain uncertain, but one thing is clear – there's ample room for improved enforcement of these rules.

In any case, the world of No Prep Kings consistently delivers surprises, and this extender controversy adds an extra layer of intrigue to the already captivating races. The upcoming events will undoubtedly be closely watched to gauge how these rules are applied, and it's safe to say that this topic is far from being resolved.

Video by Upshift

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