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Consecutive Wins of Ryan Martin at Houston Raceway Park

NPK 2022: Ryan Martin’s Back-to-back Win at Houston Raceway Park

If you follow any No Prep racing, or the TV series No Prep Kings, chances are you have heard of Ryan Martin and his team known as “Fireball Camaro.” Plus, if you have seen any of other previous blogs, you will know that recently this team swapped not one car, but two race cars over to ProCharger supercharger systems to give them the best advantage to bring home money. Well, that hard work has paid off, with Ryan and crew taking home back-to-back wins so far in the 8th event of No Prep Kings. Let’s dive into it…

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings star Ryan Martin has won the Great 8 for the third time this season. He defeated Lizzy Musi in the final round at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, Texas.

According to a picture and slow-motion video by No Prep Farm, this was a narrow win for Martin.

Ryan Martin is doing a burnout (Photo by Fireball Camaro Facebook)

Well in front of hundred thousand fans, it became clear round after round that the Fireball team was ready to drive right to the finals past all around 50 competitors. And drive to the finals they did, as they met up with Lizzy Musi and proceeded to do what they do best. Ryan Martin and his new Gray Camaro show us that and this Camaro will be fast as hell, maybe even faster than the previous Fireball Camaro. This was very close race, but at the end Ryan manage to win it. Well done everyone!

Great 8 photo finish between Ryan Martin and Lizzy Musi

Going into Invitational Round in June 25th at Houston Raceway, the Fireball team had a load of data and knowledge from the previous event. However, one better bet that the rest of the competitors were NOT going to be taking this Camaro lightly. The racing action was even tighter than before as all of the teams have taken everything. This time it was Lizzy Musi again that met Ryan Martin team in the finals. However, as soon as the green bulb was lit, the Fireball Camaro was on a mission to light the bulbs on the other end of the track first. And they did, to make it a $40,000 payout for this event already! Well done Ryan and the crew again!

The Great 8 Results from Houston Raceway is below:

Round 1: Ryan Martin vs Daddy Dave

Round 2: Ryan Martin vs Jerry Bird

Finals: Ryan Martin vs Lizzy Musi

Invitational Round on June 25th

Round 1: Ryan Martin vs Adam Jennings

Round 2: Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley

Round 3: Ryan Martin vs Shawn Wilhoit

Semi Finals: Ryan Martin vs Robin Roberts

Finals: Ryan Martin vs Lizzy Musi

Ryan Martin and Fireball Camaro at Houston Raceway Park

This confirmed the fourth win off Ryan Martin in the No Prep Kings series. His first win at Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, Florida over Lizzy Musi is non-point race so until event at New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire, Martin got his official NPK win of 2022 over Kye Kelley. In the final at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio, Martin took home $40,000 with winning over Kye Kelley as third win in this season of No Prep Kings.

Ryan Martin celebrates his win with his family and team (Photo by Fireball Camaro Facebook)

With this win, Martin is $40,000 richer and also leads the points with 380. Kye Kelley, who lost to Martin in the second round, has 320 points. That’s a 60-point lead! So incredible!

Lizzy Musi is now third with 230 points. She definitely did great job at Houston Raceway Park.

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings will now be off until August 12th and 13th, when the series regroups at Tulsa Raceway in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Many fans wrote Congratulations on his Fireball Camaro Youtube:

“Awesome job! Pretty bad ass how much work yall put in to stay at the top and never take any easy wins. Good luck the rest of the way!”

“Ryan represent NPK Racing with such great self respect and shows respect to everyone else. A humble man. Well done man.”

“Just a total class and solid crew he deserves all the accolades”

“King of the streets and king of No prep Kings and still humble. @Ryan Martin”

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