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Clash of Street Racing Titans - Big Chief vs Kye Kelley

In the thrilling realm of street racing, two larger-than-life personalities have captivated the hearts of millions: Justin Shearer, widely known as Big Chief, and Kye Kelley. These American street racers have risen to fame through their exceptional driving skills and appearances on the popular TV show "Street Outlaws." Amidst ongoing debates over their supremacy, let's delve deeper into the journeys of these two titans.

Justin Shearer's story began at the age of nine when he fell head over heels for street racing while observing races on his bicycle in OKC. Little did he know that this passion would transform into a lifelong career, elevating him to a household name. As a prominent cast member of "Street Outlaws," Big Chief swiftly became an icon among street racing enthusiasts nationwide.

Justin Shearer, a.k.a Big Chief

One of his most cherished vehicles, "The Crow," a formidable 1971 Pontiac LeMans equipped with twin turbos, cemented his status as one of the most skilled and devoted street racers in the scene. Boasting an impressive 367k subscribers and more than 48 million total views on his YouTube channel, Big Chief continues to enthrall fans with exhilarating street racing content.

Big Chief's 1971 Pontiac LeMans

Big Chief's 1971 Pontiac LeMans. Photo by Motortrend

On the flip side of the racing spectrum, we encounter Kye Kelley, a street racer hailing from Mississippi, who discovered his passion at the tender age of 17. His rapid ascent to stardom began when he joined "Street Outlaws" in 2013, swiftly establishing himself as one of the nation's premier street racers.

Kye Kelley, a street racer hailing from Mississippi

Renowned for his exceptional driving prowess and unique appearance, Kye Kelley's journey to fame has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a YouTube channel boasting an impressive 117k subscribers and more than 15 million total views, Kelley provides fans with exclusive glimpses behind the scenes of "Street Outlaws" and shares his thrilling outdoor adventures.

Kye Kelley Racing Youtube Channel

Kye Kelley Racing Youtube Channel

In the ongoing debate over the crown, it's crucial to consider their net worth. As of 2023, Big Chief's net worth ranges from two to three million, with his primary sources of income stemming from street racing and his role on "Street Outlaws." His salary from the Discovery Channel, ranging from 45,117 to 147,493, has undoubtedly contributed to his overall success.

Although Kye Kelley's net worth is estimated to be around 2 million, he has accumulated his wealth through a thriving drag racing career and lucrative sponsorships. Both racers have achieved significant financial success thanks to their unwavering dedication to the sport they are passionate about.

Big Chief vs Kye Kelley

Big Chief vs Kye Kelley

Kye Kelley has proven to be dominant in the NPK (No Prep Kings) championship.

Kye Kelley has proven to be dominant in the No Prep Kings championship

Ultimately, there's no denying that Big Chief holds a lead in various aspects, including channel growth, net worth, and career milestones. Nevertheless, it would be unjust to dismiss Kye Kelley's remarkable achievements, as he has made a name for himself in the cutthroat realm of street racing and garnered a loyal following among racing enthusiasts.

While "Street Outlaws" continues to enthrall viewers with thrilling races and intense drama, the ongoing feud between Big Chief and Kye Kelley brings an extra level of excitement to the show. These two street racing icons have made a lasting impact on the motorsports world, demonstrating that passion, skill, and determination are essential ingredients for success both on and off the track.

Kye Kelley wins third straight NPK race in Virginia

Kye Kelley wins third straight NPK race in Virginia - NPK season 6

Which team are you cheering for: Team Big Chief or Team Kye Kelley? The answer may vary, but one thing is undeniable: the clash between these street racing legends will forever be remembered in the legacy of "Street Outlaws." Share your favorite in the comments below, and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to stay up-to-date with the thrilling world of street racing!

Video by MoneyGarage

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