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Chuck Seitsinger Contemplates Shift from Turbos to Prochargers in No Prep Kings Season 7

Greetings Street Outlaws fans! Today on Street Outlaws Talk, we delve into the exciting possibility of Chuck Seitsinger making a strategic move away from turbos for the upcoming No Prep Kings Season 7. Let's explore the details of Chuck's recent Facebook post and the potential shift in his racing strategy.

Photo by Chuck Seitsinger & Fans

Chuck Seitsinger, a seasoned racer in the No Prep Kings series, recently shared insights about his challenging season on NPK. Since Season 4, Chuck has faced stiff competition, especially with the influx of purpose-built NPK cars and substantial advancements in technology.

In Season 4, Chuck introduced a new car equipped with the twin-turbo 41x combo, similar to the setup that secured Ryan the championship in Season 3. However, the twin-turbo combination, while powerful, has proven to be inconsistent, leaving some veterans struggling to keep up with the evolving competition.

Photo by Chuck Seitsinger

Notably, this season has witnessed other racers like Youp Gentil's Nova and the Murder Nova transitioning from twin turbos to a procharger setup, achieving remarkable success. Chuck himself acknowledged that sticking with turbos this season was a mistake, signaling a potential shift in his strategy for the upcoming season.

Photo by Dean Images

Prochargers have gained popularity for their speed, consistency, and ease of tuning, making them a favorable choice among many racers, including several from the 405 crew. Given the success of prochargers in recent competitions, it seems logical for Chuck to consider adopting this setup for Season 7.

Photo by Chuck Seitsinger

As Chuck Seitsinger reflects on his past season and contemplates the future, the possibility of him moving away from turbos to embrace a procharger setup adds an exciting dimension to his racing journey. Fans eagerly await the decision, hoping to see Chuck emerge as a strong contender in No Prep Kings Season 7. Stay tuned to Street Outlaws Talk for more updates on Chuck and all the thrilling happenings in the world of street racing!

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