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Chuck 55 Takes on the World Series of Pro Mod Race: A Preview

As the excitement builds and anticipation mounts, the world of street racing gears up for one of the most thrilling events of the season - the World Series of Pro Mod Race. Among the elite racers set to compete is none other than Chuck 55, bringing his formidable skills and renowned driving prowess to the forefront once again.

Photo by Chuck 55 

Chuck 55, a seasoned veteran in the world of street racing, has accepted the invitation to showcase his talents at the prestigious World Series of Pro Mod Race. This high-stakes event, scheduled to take place at the BR Motorsports Park, promises not only intense competition but also a substantial prize of $100,000 awaiting the victor of the 32 Car Pro Mod race.

Joining Chuck 55 in this adrenaline-fueled showdown are fellow street racing luminaries Mike Bowman and Justin Swanstrom, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the event. With three NPK racers in the mix, the stakes couldn't be higher as they prepare to represent the Street Outlaw and NPK communities on the grand stage of professional racing.

Chuck 55 will be piloting a brand new Camaro, powered by the formidable PJs Racing Engines. Renowned for their unparalleled performance and raw power, PJs Racing Engines have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results on the race track. With the 55 running strong last season and showing significant improvement, coupled with Chuck 55's wealth of experience behind the wheel, expectations are high for a stellar performance at the World Series of Pro Mod Race.

Photo by Chuck 55 

The competition, however, will be fierce, with a field of 32 cars vying for victory. Last year's qualifying bump of 3.68 seconds underscores the level of competition that Chuck 55 and his peers will face. Yet, with the expertise of Brandon Pez, the mastermind behind PJs Racing Engines, and Chuck 55's unmatched skill and determination, they are poised to make a formidable team.

Chuck 55's impressive racing pedigree, spanning street racing to NPK and beyond, speaks volumes about his ability to rise to the occasion. With a track record of dominance in various racing formats, there's little doubt that Chuck 55 will leave it all on the track in pursuit of victory.

As the countdown to the World Series of Pro Mod Race begins, the excitement among fans reaches a fever pitch. With Chuck 55 and his fellow racers poised to deliver a spectacle to remember, the stage is set for an unforgettable weekend of high-octane action and adrenaline-fueled thrills.

Stay tuned to for all the latest updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes coverage as Chuck 55 and the rest of the Street Outlaws gear up for the race of a lifetime at the World Series of Pro Mod.

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