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Catching Ryan Martin, Daddy Dave and Murder Nova Behind The Scenes of Mega Cash Days 2022

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

When we tune in to Street Outlaws, we naturally only get a small portion of what’s actually happening. In the scheme of things, this is kind of how television works. The producers behind the show are faced with the task of taking endless hours of content and cramming them down into a consumable version that can be aired on television.

Naturally, they kind of have to pick their story to tell and stick with it. With this in mind, there can be a ton that ends up left out of the production that’s still pretty interesting. Sometimes, maybe the powers that be just find that this content isn’t consumable enough for mainstream television. Other times, there is just simply too much content and some good stuff has to go.

New season of Mega Cash Days comes along with new challenge for all of the competitors. It might seem like a constant battle to get better. As the rules are changed from NPK to the Mega Cash Days format, this means new cars, new setups, and even more time making sure that every detail falls perfectly in place to give every racer their best chance of going home with the cash and bragging rights. The right to say that you looked some of the fierce competitors in the eye and managed to reign supreme is certainly something worth striving for.

This time, thanks to a vlog from Ryan Martin (Fireball Camaro), we get to ride along with the initial stages of what goes into such a production.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

First and foremost, we watch as competitors prepare their cars to go to battle. Again, for lots of these racers, they are starting with fresh builds so it’s going to take some serious time to get the cards dialed in before they are fully capable of making their best passes down the street. The vlog gives us a unique opportunity to see the gears turning behind the scenes to push toward the top.

Photo by Fireball Camaro

Perhaps most importantly, we also get to check out Ryan Martin’s breakfast skills on the grill. Catch it all in the video below.

Video by Fireball Camaro

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