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Caddy Jack's Roar Sounds Insane In Heart-wrenching Day

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Rarely has a photo of a car had such a great impact on the entire audience connected to the street racing world and it seems that everybody is now talking about it.

Yes, we are talking about Big Chief’s Small Block Caddy Jack’s.

Photo by Midwest Street Cars

Over the years we have been watching Big Chief and Jackie as they load up the famous Crow and take it around the country to race whenever they would be able to, be it on the streets or at the track. Since Big Chief decided to tell the producers of the Street Outlaws that he quits and that racing for them has lost the fun that he vividly remembers he had back in the day when the entire thing started, he has been in the company of Jackie and they have been making their own videos without the big production crews.

It has been nearly two months with only a couple of videos from this couple putting together a small tire nitrous Caddy named Jack. They are now back and the fans are beyond excited to see them back on platform. Yes, Jackie is about to take the car on an open road, along with the slick tires, parachute in the back and the rest of the racing goodies.

Photo by Midwest Street Cars

Just about anything has to feel like a slug after you get out from behind the wheel of the Crow but this Caddie certainly is no slouch as it’s been hooked up with a collection of modifications from a full exhaust to a custom camshaft and a whole slew of other goodies that put the supercharged machine in action! With just a couple of choice changes, these cars have been known to be put on a new level, surprising people as to what a heavy luxury car is capable of.

As per Big Chief's talk, the ride in the Caddy is going to be bittersweet, because this was the car that she was supposed to race against her dad who has been racing since before she was born. Unfortunately, her dad has passed away so cannot see the next season of racing which he has been preparing for lately. This is the reason Big Chief and Jackie had taken a break from YouTube. So check out a very emotional video of these guys.

Video by Midwest Street Cars

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