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Brian Chucky Davis wins Big Tire Cash Days over Big Chief

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Cash Days was a 12 driver free-for-all, $1,000 buy-in with one winner of a $12,000 pot. It was grueling, tense and pushed the limits of all drivers and cars. It was an exciting event to watch and surely more exciting to race in. Cash Days is a yearly event that BoostedGT throws down in Texas and invites out some of the fastest drivers in the country. Obviously a few of the 405 OKC boys had to be there.

If you’ve followed Big Chief and his channel, you must have seen his video that he was testing for a cash day race. It’s basically the crow’s return to street racing and it’s illegal real street cash day. After 5 years since the last filming of Street Outlaws real deal cash days on December 2015, they have been back with interesting illegal races.

Video by Midwest Street Cars

Photo by Blue Collar Street Racing

This year on real deal Big Tire Cash Day, Brian Davis actually beat Big Chief. This’s also the first cash day win in his street racing career. As Big Chief said, cash day is the only thing that matters to him. This is only the second time he actually raced this year: War in the Woods and Cash Days. Chief’s car got loose and Brian’s car made a good pass, so congratulations on Brian Davis’s win.

Photos by DFWSS Productions Facebook

Let's check out the bare road and feel the real street racing in this video:

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