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Brian Britt "The Assassin" Survives Intense Crash at 'Backyard Battle' No-Prep Event in Arkansas

In the heart-pounding world of street racing, adrenaline-fueled moments and high-speed battles are par for the course. However, sometimes the line between victory and disaster becomes blurred, as was the case for Brian Britt, better known as "The Assassin," during the recent 'Backyard Battle' no-prep event at George Ray's Dragstrip in Paragould, Arkansas. In a heart-stopping turn of events, Britt experienced a violent crash that left spectators and fellow racers in shock. Miraculously, he emerged unscathed, demonstrating the resilience and courage that defines the spirit of street racing.

Photo by Brian Britt "The Assassin"

As the 'Backyard Battle' event unfolded, anticipation filled the air as Brian Britt, a regular figure in "JJ Da Boss's" crew on the hit TV show "Street Outlaws Memphis," prepared to demonstrate his skill behind the wheel of his turbocharged, small-tire Toyota pickup, fondly known as "The Assassin's Betel Juce." The crowd watched in awe as Britt engaged in a semifinal round battle against formidable opponent Lester Miller, setting the stage for a fierce competition.

Photo by Brian Britt "The Assassin"

In a remarkable display of driving prowess, Britt secured a victory over Miller, propelling him to the pinnacle of excitement. However, tragedy struck moments later as Britt's truck crossed the finish line. Losing control of his powerful vehicle, he careened off the racing surface, initiating a terrifying series of barrel rolls that left spectators gasping in disbelief. The gut-wrenching sight of "The Assassin's Betel Juce" flipping end over end was captured by both Sean Melton of Urban Hillbilly Videos and Chris Hogan of Fo-Dad Racing Media, who had cameras strategically positioned to document the intense moments.

Emerging from the wreckage, Brian Britt demonstrated an unwavering spirit, assuring concerned race officials that he miraculously escaped without any serious injuries. Aside from experiencing soreness in his shoulders due to the safety harness, "The Assassin" remained remarkably unscathed, a testament to the advanced safety measures in place to protect drivers in high-risk racing situations.


While Brian Britt emerged relatively unharmed, unfortunately, his beloved "Betel Juce" suffered extensive damage and is likely beyond repair. The once-feared and revered truck, a symbol of both power and finesse, now lies battered and broken, its glory overshadowed by the brutal crash. It serves as a stark reminder of the risks these racers undertake and the sacrifices they make to push the boundaries of their sport.

Photo by Brian Britt "The Assassin"

Brian Britt, known as "The Assassin," experienced a harrowing crash during the 'Backyard Battle' no-prep event at George Ray's Dragstrip in Paragould, Arkansas. Yet, against all odds, he emerged from the wreckage with only minor injuries, defying the danger and reminding us of the resilience and bravery of street racers. As the racing community rallies around Britt, his survival stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit and camaraderie that fuels their passion for speed. Though his truck may be reduced to scrap, the legend of "The Assassin" lives on, etched into the annals of street racing history.


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